15 Attractive Manly Traits that Beautiful Latina Women Crave For

Beautiful Latina women are full of surprises, thanks to the culture they grew up in. You have probably wondered about what Latina ladies seek in men like you. If you have, then you are lucky that you have come to the right article! We are here to help you know which traits you should focus on achieving to date Latinas, whether you want a serious relationship or just a fling.

Take note that each of the Colombian ladies you see is different, but most of them expect these traits more or less as a manifestation of their lovely culture.

Beautiful Latina Women

  1. Leader

In the Latino culture, men are expected to take the lead as machismo was cultivated in Latin culture. As a man, it is important for you to set where your relationship will go and create decisions from where to eat to getting married. However, it is important to take note of the barrier between being a leader and being controlling. With leadership, you will be able to build trust between you and your partner, which could go a long way!

  1. Confident

One trait that Latinas dig for is confidence. You might not have the Tom Cruise looks, but confidence will go further than good looks alone. Confidence is key if you want to meet Latinas in bars, social clubs, or even in Colombian streets.

  1. Family Oriented

Colombian culture cannot stress enough about the importance of families. Colombian girls are oftentimes family-oriented, and you are expected to court them, too! A way to a Latina’s heart is through her family, indeed!

  1. Secured

Women, in general, like to feel secure around their partners, but we’re not talking about finances or housing. We are talking about how men are expected to make their Latina partners comfortable and feel at home with them.

  1. Responsible

As men, we should be responsible for our actions, especially when we have wronged our partners. We have to let our guard down whenever we commit mistakes and apologize to those who are affected. With this trait, Colombian women will surely stay with you for a long time as long as you don’t repeat your mistakes!

  1. Independent

Colombianas yearn for men who know how to take care of themselves. In the eyes of a Latina, it is very attractive to see men who could work, clean, and provide for themselves as being independent shows that a man has great control over his own life, thus making him appear ready for intimate relationships.

Colombian ladies

  1. Career-Supportive

There is a stigma that Latinas are less educated. Unsurprisingly, this stigma, along with gender discrimination in the workplace, contributes to fewer career opportunities for Latina women. So, whenever you are in a serious relationship with a Latina, it is obviously a nice gesture to support her in her career, through thick and thin. Support her, and you will also receive back a great amount of support from your loving Latina partner!

  1. Humble

We have to be honest, Latinas are gorgeous creatures. We do not have to be surprised to find other men hitting on our partners as, in fact, Latinos are known to actively show their affection. Your Latina partner would be greatly impressed if you were to focus on showing her reasons (through actions) why you stand out from the rest, instead of showing your ill jealousy.

  1. Mature

It takes maturity to declare “I am looking for a serious relationship” as maturity shows that you are well-prepared for whatever problem may come and that you can understand the possible downsides of a serious relationship. Maturity in relationships could avoid small problems from growing, thus building trust and connection – this is obviously powerful and attractive to Colombian women!

  1. Equal

We have already talked about how leadership is attractive but too much could be bad. It would be tiring to be alpha all the time, as tiring as being the follower in the relationship. Our Latina partners would greatly appreciate if we were to step down and let her take the lead sometimes. It shows that we trust our partners and that they will also help us to be the better versions of ourselves.

  1. Enjoys Dancing

To date Colombian women, it would be important to understand their culture in order to relate. Latin dances such as Salsa and Merengue are famous dances in Colombia that would give you an edge if you were to learn the basics for dancing. This is a chance to get close and sweet with hot Columbian women! You could also use dancing as a tool to get women to teach you more types of dances.

  1. Fluent in Spanish

Going through the effort of learning Spanish would show that you are committed to your partner as you have tried to understand her culture, given the difficulty of learning a new language at an adult age. Learning the basics of the language would suffice as long as it shows your effort! Remember, nothing beats hard work!

meet Latinas

  1. Food Lover

Latinas love to cook for other people, so it would be a great honor for your Colombian partner if you would be appreciative of their food. By enjoying Colombian food, you are not only being grateful to your partner, but you are also celebrating and experiencing Latin culture.

  1. Financially Stable

Being financially stable is not a necessity but a bonus trait. Having wads of cash will surely get you your hot Columbian girls, but it would be so superficial without the other traits above. As they say, money can’t buy you happiness, but it can only buy you a superficial, money-driven relationship.

  1. Handsome

If you think that looks and money are the only things that matter, then you have wasted your time reading this article. Looks are the last thing you should worry about, for most Latinas dig in deeper. However, Colombian chicks might be superficial at times, and these types of ladies are only good for the short term if they have not seen deeper in you. As a general tip, do not show that you’re afraid to scar your manliness by maintaining good hygiene and a presentable look; doing these will already suffice.


In conclusion, Colombian women like men who could adapt to their culture. Men who are masculine enough yet sensitive and fun enough yet responsible will find success in their relationships with a Latin mail order bride.

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