3 Petite Colombian Ladies Are Single Right Now (Don’t Miss Your Chance!)

Every foreign men knows that there are only a few things that are better than dating short Colombian ladies – like, peanut butter and jelly, and a delicious pizza.

Actually, you know what? Scratch that, dating short girls is just as awesome as these two things!Petite Latin women are so feminine and cute, and they bring out the best masculine traits in men.

And while some people say that dating short single Colombian ladies is quite challenging if you’re a tall guy – having to bend over when kissing, and hugs can look a little awkward in public – there are actually plenty of benefits of dating short girls.

Standing next to or walking with a short girl makes an average-height guy look taller. Also, short Colombian hot teens are easy to hold in your arms (and carry them home when they get tired!)

Bonus: hiding Christmas and birthday gifts on top shelves means that your short girlfriend will never find it until it’s time for gift giving!

Even if you’re married or are currently dating, it can be quite tempting to look at short Colombian teen girls. And these three hot Latin women looking for man are a living proof of that!

Lorenita, 29

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This busty gorgeous Latin woman makes it pretty hard to take your eyes off her (and you shouldn’t!).

Feel free to stare at this hot woman profile all you want. But keep in mind: just staring won’t get you a girlfriend on dating sites Colombia.

This blonde-haired beauty sure knows how to raise temperatures when she walks into a room full of men: she is charming, with an appetizing body and a lovely smile.

Like two other girls for love in your today’s list of single Latin girls, Lorentina is a short and petite beauty looking for a date on LatamDate.

Lorentina kept her bio description very short and to the point, so all we know about her is that she is calm and tender, she loves animals and is sensitive to environmental and social problems.

Also, she loves design, fashion and sports.

Meaning: you won’t be only staring on your first date with Lorentina – she will actually make a pretty interesting conversation buddy.

Find out more about this gorgeous, yet mysterious, Latin woman by sending her a private message.

Jessica Gomez, 24

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Have you always dreamt of dating beautiful American singer Selena Gomez (admittedly, we have!)? Then don’t miss your chance to date this carbon copy of the “Fetish” singer.

Jessica, who even has the same surname as Selena, is a very playful Colombian lady who isn’t shy to upload photos of her bikini body (and she certainly gives us an eyeful with her toned supermodel-like body).

But a beautiful figure is not the only thing that Jessica Gomez can offer. Like other Latin America babes on our list today, Jessica is a short, under-160cm girl (a perfect cuddle buddy for this cuffing season).

Jessica describes herself as an honest, caring, and kind girl who knows how to love and how to cherish it. But it’s not so simple — let’s see if you pass the pre-selection stage!

Jessica is looking for a man who has dreams and isn’t afraid to move forward and make these dreams real. Also, you have to be a family-oriented man who values harmonic relations.

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to contact Jessica and become her beloved man (before some other dude does it!).

Catherine, 23

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Catherine looks like one of those hot Colombian teen girls that every foreigner has dreamt of dating at least once in his life. And yet, Catherine is no teenager!

She looks very young for her age (and for any woman, that’s always a good thing!).

Catherine is looking for a serious relationship, and she’s very open-minded about dating foreign men. Regardless of where you’re from, Catherine will be thrilled to chat with you.

But before you contact this gorgeous Latin girl, do know that she’s searching for an honest and faithful man who’d become her excellent husband.

If you meet the criteria, do yourself a favor and get to know Catherine closer. After all, hardworking, intelligent and faithful Colombian girls are the first ones to be taken on dating sites Colombia.

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Mariana is love-sites.com’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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