4 Fantasies You Need To Ditch Before Dating Colombian Singles

Latin dating sites are one of the “busiest” international online dating sites out there, and that’s largely because men want to date and get married with Colombian singles based on some really ridiculous stereotypes and fantasies.

Don’t get me wrong, dating hot Columbian girls is still the best thing that could happen to you, but just not for these four fantasies and stereotypes. In fact, believing in these stereotypes can ruin your love life.

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There are certain things you should avoid doing and saying when dating a Latina girl, and these things do not seem too obvious, so let’s get to the bottom of them.

Not all Latinas are tanned brunettes with straight hair

This may be surprising to hear, but not all Latinas look the same. In a chat online Colombia, never should you ever tell a Latina girl that she doesn’t look like a Latina simply because her skin is too pale, she is blonde and/or with curly hair.

You see, Latin America is a mishmash of ethnic backgrounds, so there are no standardized beauty characteristics for hot Columbian women anymore. As bizarre as it may sound for someone who thought that all Cali Colombia women have naturally tanned skin tones, some Latinas cannot tan because their skin is too pale.

Or, in other words, some hot Dominican women can burn to ashes whenever they begin soaking up Vitamin D from the sun. If some Medellin Colombia women on online dating sites don’t look like the image of a Latin girl you fantasize about, you may want to move on to the next girl, or simply do not write “You don’t look like a Latina,” as it will make you look ignorant.

Not all Latinas are stubborn, fiery and hot-headed

TV shows and movies seem to paint the same picture over and over again, depicting hot Columbian women as hot headed, fiery, stubborn, and most of the time, also jealous.

But don’t be surprised if you learn that your girlfriend is not jealous at all whenever you glance at some other girl in the park, she doesn’t start throwing tea cups and dishes at you whenever you have a fight, or unleashes her fiery personality when it takes the waiter too long to approach your table at the first date.

Not all Colombian singles need to yell, get angry, be stubborn, or become the center of the room to make a point. In fact, many Latina girls are shy and mild-mannered, which is definitely an eye-opener for those who believe that all Latinas have that hot headed attitude.

Colombian Singles,hot Columbian girls,

Not all Latinas speak Spanish

Nope, don’t even try to get a Latin girl to speak Spanish in a chat. When Latin single women chat online, they want to feel super comfortable and not objectified. So saying something like, “Say something in Spanish,” may even be considered offensive to some.

You see, not all Latinas speak Spanish, because Latin America is home to various ethnic backgrounds. Not to mention that a new generation of Colombian women was raised and acculturated in North America, where English is the primary language.

Remember that fiery and hot headed attitude we talked about earlier? If you don’t want to see your Latin girlfriend unleash her fiery attitude at you if you ask her to speak Spanish. That’s because Latinas are not some circus animals who will put up a show for you whenever you need some entertainment. Latina girls have personalities, too.

Not all Colombian singles will cook for you

Contrary to the popular belief, getting married to a Colombian girl doesn’t automatically get you a ticket full of meals, breakfasts, dinners, and lunches every single day.

It’s not true that all Latinas cook. Some were never taught how to cook, while others have no interest in cooking. So if you are marrying a Latin girl just so she would serve delicious meals on the table every single day, you may want to think twice. Just like the request to speak Spanish, saying “Cook something for me” is not exactly the best way to begin Latin single women dating.

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Mariana is love-sites.com’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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