5 Fun ways to talk to her in a confident manner that will leave a lasting impression

You must have been tired of listening to the phrase that Russian women are difficult to understand and impress but the majority of those that propagate this obnoxious idea has neither given them a try nor do they know how to go about it. The bitter truth is that genuine guys who are really interested in these girls are scared away or try elsewhere. What you should realize is that there are ways to talk to Russian beauties that will leave a lasting impression, not just on their faces but in their hearts.

1. Don’t be in the center of the action

russian-dating-girlsBeing in the center of the action here has no other meaning than talking about yourself. When you are dealing with hot Russian girls there is no need to be all defensive too. Approach her with a radiant smile and bare you mind on how you feel about her. Your icebreaker can be in the form of complimenting her looks or using witty and funny lines that are hard to resist. The first mistake is being pushed to silence for the fear of rejection. On the other hand, don’t always expect a yes. Russian hot sexy girls usually want to be left alone when they are going through certain emotional issues.

2. The club is not the best place to talk

Your environment should dictate your action. If you are used to night life, you would have found out that they are very loud places. Russian dating girls who come to clubs are mostly looking to unwind, when you approach a girl in a club, offer her a drink and ask for a dance with her. As it is said, action speaks louder than words, there is no better way to show off your confidence than knowing how well to use your environment. Many girls will be pissed off if you try to start a conversation with them in a club.

3. Learn to be funny

There is no better way to show your character when you are on Russian dating sites than to be funny. Have you ever wondered why comedians have not and will never go out of business? That is because everyone loves to have a good laugh once in a while. If you are into Russian dating irrespective of the status of the website – be it one of the regular online dating website or top Russian dating sites – you have to use some element of humor to keep your girls longing for your presence.

4. Open-ended questions will keep the conversation going

hot-russian-girlsIf you are meeting Russian women for the first time, there is often that tendency of not knowing the right questions to ask. The best way to structure your questions is to make them open-ended. While a close-ended question will only attract a yes or no answer, an open-ended question will allow the girl to bring her opinion into the topic of discussing.

5. Don’t rob yourself with tension

What is the worst that would happen if you talk to a girl? She says no and you walk away in one piece, right? So what is the point of becoming so jittery about the whole issue? Russian dating is one of the actions that must be approached with seriousness and confidence if you are to make headway. Body language is one thing Russian girls can easily pick and will observe it when you begin to sweat in the cold or your body begins to quiver from tension.


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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