5 Reasons Why A Girl Ignores You

It is a well known fact that Latin American girls and Colombian women in general are very hot, gorgeous and seductive, it will be only safe to say that they are men magnets, and that’s why many men fancy Latin hot woman and the main reason why every man wants to date Latin girls.

Foreigners Fret Not:

latin hot womenHowever, if you are a foreigner and still want to date hot Latin American girls, you must do your home work, to cherish the beauty of a Latin girl you must make yourself aware about the Latin culture and traditions. Latin women seeking men usually are very family oriented so if you are eager to meet Colombian girls then begin with learning about their rich culture and traditions. Columbian hot women are raised to be good wives as they know how to keep a man happy, you must first try to understand which part of Columbia they hail from and learn accordingly.

5 Reasons as to why women ignore men:

Ignoring a man is something every woman does at least at one time. However, their reasons are different and varying in fact it’s a tricky path to tread, that all latin hot women do from time to time. But the reasons for each women to ignore a guy is very different from the other. In fact, this is a relationship trick that is used by different women for varied purposes. Most of the time women try ignoring a guy when he’s playing too hard to get. Here are five more reasons:

Giving Them Space

Men often crib that they feel suffocated as beauty latin girl don’t give them space in their relationships. However justified, this accusation seems quite over the top. So ignoring a man is subtle way of showing him that too much “space” can also create distance between the couple.

The Jealousy Effect:

Making a man jealous in a relationship is another motive for ignoring him. If in your relationship you don’t feel that you are getting enough affection or indulgence from your boy friend ignoring him is another way of making him jealous so he get alerted that his relationship needs serious attention.

Angry Bird:

Showing your angry side to your spouse means that you want him to know he behaved very badly and then silence or indifference, will further strengthen your stance and will give him the message. He will understand that you are angry, but trying to avoid direct confrontation.

Dump Him:

meet Colombian girlsAnother reason for the ignorance could be that your spouse actually wants to dump you, as ignoring a man is a sign that the woman wants out or wants to end the relationship, or it could be seen as a break up sign also. If a relationship is not progressing or not working out for some reason, then girls look for reasons to end it as there’s no point of dragging something which is not functioning, ignoring the guy seems like a nice idea as it will slowly make him accept the inevitable fate and give him time to adapt to it, instead of breaking it off drastically which could be emotionally challenging for him.

She Wants Him To Propose:

Sometimes dating latin ladies use it as a strategy to ignore the man who is taking too long to propose, so they drop these subtle hints to make him pop the question sooner. Men are rather slow at picking up hints especially when it comes to marriage, if you want him to pop the question you should try ignoring him it will make him weary or concerned and he might actually get the hint and propose to you, as it will make him insecure and he doesn’t want to lose you.


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