5 Signs You’ve Lost Interest In Your Latin Girl… And It’s Time to Break Up

If you’re reading this, it may be because you’re simply curious about what might happen to your relationship in the long-term or you feel like you’re losing interest in your Latin girl.

Before you freak out and start blaming and resenting yourself — don’t. In any – any –relationship that loses its sparks, both parties share responsibility.

What you need to realize right now is that you might be at the turning point of your life when tough choices will have to be made.

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You Have Only Two Choices Now

Even if you’re dating a hot south American girl, it’s only natural to lose interest in your partner.

The list of reasons why this is happening is as long as J.K. Rowling’s seven books about Harry Potter. But what’s important now is to recognize the signs that you’ve lost interest in your partner.

I know, recognizing these signs can be quite heart-breaking, but so is dragging your relationship when you don’t even have feelings or interest to be with your partner anymore.

If you recognize any of the following five signs, you really have only two options.

I mean, it’s not like you’re in a Matrix movie and you’re being offered a blue and red pill to choose from — but if you choose to ignore these signs, the consequences will be even more brutal and devastating in the long-term.

  1. Would you be willing to actually reinvest in your relationship and reconnect with your partner to make things work?
  2. Or would you choose to go separate ways with your gorgeous Latin girlfriend and move on?

Whatever is that you choose, do know that both choices are tough.

Sign #1: You Want to Spend More Time Away

When your relationship just began, you didn’t want to leave your partner’s side and you couldn’t shake her off your head.

When you’re starting to fall in love with Colombian single ladies, time flows so smoothly and effortlessly.

In fact, there’s no such thing as ‘making time for your partner’ because being with her is so natural, warm and comfy that you look forward to any opportunity to spend time with her or simply chat with her.

But things have changed, and you can feel it in your guts…

You’re actually looking forward to spending time away from your partner now. You may have even fights about this, with your hot south American girl wondering, “Why don’t you spend time with me anymore?

And you don’t know the answer to that seemingly simple question. You’re going abroad on a business trip without your partner, and although you text her, “I miss you, honey,” deep down you feel like you really need that time away from her.

Here’s what happens: no matter how hard you’re trying to deny it, that kind of shaky relationship will eventually evolve into a messier, much more painful relationship will be hanging by a thread.

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Sign #2: You Question Why You’re Even Together

When you meet Latin America girl and ask her to be your girlfriend, you know exactly why you want to be together with that particular girl.

You love how she chuckles and smiles. You love how cute she eats. You love her eyes. You love running your fingers through her hair. You fall in love with that human being.

There were plenty of beautiful Latin women out there, but you chose her for a reason. You want her to be yours.

A major sign that you’ve lost interest in your partner is when you start questioning why you’re even together.

You start asking yourself all kinds of questions like, “Have I ever even loved her? Are we meant to be together or should I move on? Do I want future with her? Does she?

Your head starts spinning like mad. You might have even signed up on an online dating website to check profiles of hot American women photo, but then you stopped and thought to yourself, “What am I even doing? I’m in a committed relationship… But do I really want to be in that relationship?..”

Sign #3: You’re Rarely (Or Never) in Mood to Have Sex

When you meet all those American hot women and you feel that spark between you, you get undressed and start having sex.

You’re insatiable for intimacy and making love with that particular girl. You feel like, “If I put a ring on her finger, we’ll be together forever and nothing will ever stop us!

But then things change… You become less excited about rolling around in the bedroom, you stop putting effort into it, it becomes a boring routine, you even start making excuses not to have sex anymore…

In fact, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your libido is low, because you do feel like you’d have sex with other hot American females if you weren’t in a committed relationship.

It simply means that you’ve lost interest in your partner – and most likely it’s not just in a sexual way, but also emotional way.

Sign #4: You’re Depressed and Annoyed

When you go on a Latin dating girls website, you never tell yourself, “Okay, I’m going on a ladies seeking hunt in order to get depressed and annoyed. Hooray!

It’s never the case. When you’re looking for Colombian single ladies, you’re looking for happiness and joy. You’re looking for a bright future.

But as you go forward – you’ve moved in together, got married or even had kids – you start feeling the persistent wave of depression that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The wave of depression wraps you up from head to toe… You start wondering why things have gotten so bad in your life. You may even be annoyed by your partner’s presence.

Sign #5: You’re Looking for Things to Break Up Over

If you’ve noticed yourself looking for things to break up over with your partner, that’s a sure-fire sign that you’ve lost interest in your partner.

Most of us simply don’t have the courage to take responsibility for the breakup, so we keep looking for things to find our partner guilty of and break up over it.

Your partner sighs when you ask her a question and you think she wishes she’d be with someone else, you hear her giggle while chatting with someone and you start suspecting that she’s cheating on you, you start over analyzing her behavior to find potential flaws…

In other words, you’re looking for things to split up over because you simply don’t want to admit that you’re losing interest in your partner.


Mariana is love-sites.com’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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