5 Things Colombian Girls In Interracial Relationships Wish You’d Stop Saying To Them

It’s 2018, so interracial relationships are no longer something extraordinary. You can see Colombian girls dating white, black, and Asian men, and it’s no big deal anymore.

Statistics show that more than 20 percent of all cohabiting relationships are interracial. Despite the fact that Latina women seeking men of different skin colors and from various ethnical backgrounds is very common in today’s world, beautiful Latin ladies still hear plenty of things and questions that are ignorant, annoying, and even rude.

Colombian Girls,beautiful Latin ladies,Today, we invited gorgeous Colombian women to outline the things they wish you’d stop asking them about interracial relationships and marriages.

“Why don’t you date men of your own race?”

“You may be surprised how many men still ask this question when they meet Latin girls,” says Mariana, 26. “If skin color or race plays any role when you decide whether to date this person or not, I’m sorry to say this but you’re a racist.”

Mariana continues, “Just because beautiful South American girls are dating white men doesn’t necessarily mean that they are strongly against dating Latin men or men of any other race. Most of the time, all it means is that the girl fell in love with a white dude and it didn’t even occur to her to put him into a certain category: white, black, Hispanic, or Asian.”

“Do you want your kids to be white or Hispanic?”

“I get this one from my family members and other people as well… a lot,” complains Daniela, 23. “The truth is: you don’t get to choose what your child will look like no more than you can choose the person you’ll fall in love with.”

Daniela continues, “To tell you the truth, I don’t really care about the skin color or ethnicity of my children. They are MY children, and it says a lot more than any skin color.”

Colombian Girls,Latina women seeking men

*Saying nothing, just staring*

“A person doesn’t necessarily need to say or ask anything to make an interracial couple feel uncomfortable or annoyed,” says Camila, 30. “If a white or black man is dating Latin American women and someone sees him holding hands with a Latin woman, they just stare and give us the judgmental look. Seriously, stop it. It’s really disturbing and none of your business.”

“Do you fight a lot because of the cultural differences?”

“Dating single Columbian women is not the same as dating some kind of an alien,” says Isabella, 27. “We’re all human beings and we all understand that our interracial partner may be different culturally. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, why do people still think that it’s something that ruins relationships? Wake up, people, it’s 2018 already!”

If you’re wondering how to meet Colombian women, but have doubts about whether you will have anything in common due to the “cultural differences” and “different ethnical  backgrounds,” you need to know that these two misconceptions have been spread by certain people who have never been in an interracial relationship in their life. So if you want to meet Latina girls, ditch these misconceptions and go for it.

“Aren’t you afraid of having babies with him?”

“There is this common misconception that if Colombian girls are dating white men, there’s a high risk that this man will dump a Latin girl the moment she says she’s pregnant,” says Victoria, 29. “Look, men who dump their girlfriends or even wives because of pregnancy exist in all cultures and races, and the scenario when a man leaves his girl because he’s afraid of having babies is not just exclusive to interracial relationships.”

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Mariana is love-sites.com’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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