July 6, 2022


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A lazy afternoon with my Ukrainian “date” Anastasia

If you have been reading articles about Ukrainian women on Love-sites. You would probably be very familiar with Anastasia. Today I take Anastasia as my Ukrainian “date”. It’s not the date date because we are both women (and who both like men apparently). Just kidding, I invited Anastasia to be my guide in her city and I want to understand more about Ukrainian women characteristics, their culture and their social life from Anastasia’s perspective.

woman seeking man in Ukraine

You have known that Anastasia has been using CharmDate, the online Ukrainian dating site, to search some exciting possibilities for her love life. CharmDate has recently launched their Ukrainian dating APP for smart phone: Qpid Network. The users can take advantage of all the services in this APP. Anastasia is very excited about it too.  “People now spend a lot of time on their smart phones. I’m not gonna judge it, because who doesn’t?” She laughed, “they finally launched CharmDate’s APP, it’s good news for me. It is so much more convenient for me to use CharmDate now. Plus the interface is so delicate and cute. I love it!” She has uploaded several videos in her dating profiles, she showed me that you can watch them on this APP too. “As a woman seeking man in Ukraine, you can’t do too much to express yourself.” Anastasia winked.

Ukrainian women characteristics

We have watched the video in which Anastasia performed beautifully a piece of classic ballet. You must be wondering what she is like deep down in her life. In today’s video the curtain will rise and you will see Anastasia as the girl next door.

You may have seen some videos about Ukraine online. Follow Anastasia in her video, she will show you the streets, the central park and the café she usually goes to with her friends in her city. Let’s spend a lazy afternoon in gentle sunshine and the cool breeze wandering in the downtown with Anastasia.

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