Brooke Wells Talks About Dating Latina Ladies that are Muscular Like Her

Getting to Know Brooke Wells: A Beautiful and Strong Lady 

Brooke Wells is not only known as one of the world’s most popular female athletes, but she is also known as among the greatest elite athletes among both men or women in the global athletic industry.  Latina ladies love to work out and exercise just like Brooke Wells.


Brooke Wells considers herself as one of the strongest female athletes and is only 22 years old, but she is already a two-time CrossFit Games competitor. She won the sixth place back in 2016’s CrossFit Games and was able to deadlift a maximum of 425 pounds, snatch of 215 pounds and back squat of precisely 345 pounds. She is also a Team Cellucor athlete who has climbed to the top of ranks in sports.

Even with her young age, she has won three regionals, and she won one of those when she was just 19 years old. Since she is very young, she is still at school taking up business and takes her weekends off training. And, of course, what do 22-year-old college students do in their free time? They date.

What Dating is Like for Muscular Women?

Wells was asked what dating is for her as a woman and how she feels about the stereotype which guys find among Latina women and muscular women, like her, intimidating.

When asked about how dating is like for athletic women, she said that she definitely has to date someone who is stronger than her. She said that she just really need someone who will understand her love for sports and an athletic lifestyle.

When she was asked what are the greatest compliments a guy can say to her, she answered that it may have something to do with her hard work. She wants her dedication and discipline be noticed and complimented and that would be best for her.

Of course, she was also asked about the worst compliments a guy can give her, and she answered that the worst compliments may be degrading her muscles by comments, comparing her muscles to those of other males.

She was also asked about what men must know before they date a strong woman and that she answered that you need to understand that she will be in training most of the time and that you have to give support and courage. She also added that it will be amazing if they offer to spend hours with her at the gym.

Another question asked to her was that if muscular women only date muscular men and she answered that it really isn’t necessary, but personally, it’s a yes. But clearing it out, she said that it is more important that they enjoy the relationship than how they look. Of course, for everyone who is looking for a serious relationship, you need someone who shares interests and not just for aesthetics.

Lastly, she was asked if, in general, does she think that men are intimidated by athletic muscular women, to which she answered: “Boys: yes. Men: no.”

Interested in Dating Colombian Singles?

Above were the tips from Brooke Wells on how to give compliments to athletic Latino ladies and the things you should know before dating a strong woman. If you want to meet Colombian singles, keep those tips in mind at all times.

Colombian singles are known to be very pretty and hot, and we have just the right ladies for you. Are you looking for the best Latinas you can find, or are you looking for Colombian mail order brides? Below are Latina ladies single and available.

Colombian mail order brides

The first one is Tania, a 26-year-old confident woman. She likes to dream big and loves family and home. And just like Brooke Wells, she loves sports and working out. She is currently a university student and is romantic and passionate. Asking what kind of man she wants? She wants a kind man who knows how to give or ask and is willing to take risks. She wants a man who is loving and above all, honest.

looking for a serious relationship

The next one is Nicole, 23-year-old pretty in Latin woman. She wants to meet her ideal man through the site. She is interested in going to the movies, cooking, dancing and above all doing sports and workout. She is looking for a man with tender love and is respectful, friendly, sympathetic, and intelligent. Just by looking at Nicole, you can say that she is one of those hot Dominican women.

pretty in Latin

The last on the list for our Medellin Colombia women is Grace. She is a mature woman who is lovely, friendly, honest, and direct with her thoughts. She loves sports and working out. She is known for being spontaneous as she knows how to enjoy her life. She is looking for a serious relationship with a man who knows what he wants and is honest. Grace is an honest and humble woman, and she wants to share his life with a good man.

 These are three beautiful and strong women, who just like Brooke Wells, love sports and working out. It is your chance to meet a hot Latina woman, and you should use the tips given by Brooke Wells herself on how to date Latina women who are strong. It’s no time to be intimidated to muscular women. These women are all looking for men who are honest and know how to respect.


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