November 28, 2023

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

DOs and DON’Ts with Russian Girls

Having a Russian wife is a goal of thousands of men in the west just because Russian women are family oriented and will always keep their husband and family their top priority no matter what happens. The average age of marriage in Russia is 25. Russian speed dating can get you the woman of your dreams. Before that, here are the things you should avoid and do whenever meeting  a Russian woman.Russian women


1. Never make fun of their superstitious beliefs!
Russians are inherently very superstitious people. They have beliefs which you may find very odd and strange. A good human never makes fun of anyone’s beliefs and religion. You shouldn’t either. Russian women demand a great amount of respect from men and making fun of her beliefs is disrespecting her on a huge level.

2. Never disrespect her country

Patriotism and Nationalism are one’s love and dedication to the homeland. Russian girls are very much patriotic and nationalist. They take pride in being the citizens of their country and don’t feel inferior to anyone. Never disrespect their country if you want to stay alive!

3. Never flaunt your wealth and money

‘Russian hot girl images’ is one of most widely searched phrase on Google. Why? Because Russian girls are easily the hottest woman in the world. Beauty is priceless. If you think that you can win her by showing off your wealth and money, then you are wrong. Russian girls adore the simplicity and are annoyed by the people who flaunt about their belongings.

4. Never play like perfect gentleRussian woman picturesmen

If you try to be fake in front of a Russian girl, she is never going to like you. Russian women prefer simplicity and would love you more than you can imagine if you just be yourself.


1. Intellectual Conversation

Are Russian women pretty? Yes, they are. You will find a lot of Russian woman pictures on the internet. But are they smart enough? Yes, they are very smart and intelligent just because the education system in their country is very effective and takes the best of every individual. For Russian girls, an intelligent conversation is better than silly romantic lines. Try to arrange her in an intellectual conversation. Russian girls are passionate readers. Talk about books, universe, existentialism and the ideas that can change the world. Before that, be well informed.

2. Give her due share of attention

When you meet hot Russian singles or any other women in the world, try to give her as much attention as possible. Girls love men who give them their due attention. Listen to what everything she says and never ignores her. Whenever you are with her, make sure you don’t use your phone unless important.

3. Be yourself!

The biggest mistake people make while trying to impress a girl is that they don’t be themselves. They try to be someone which they are not. As a result, they end being exposed. Having certain insecurities within yourself is not a bad thing but to being someone else while hiding them is not a good thing to do. It takes away all the uniqueness you have as a human. A girl will never be attracted to someone who is fake. Russian girls are very beautiful and sexy but still prefer simple men in their lives.

4. Be patient!

When you look at them, most beautiful Russian women photos show us that they have been brought from the heaven. So, they will make you wait. They will test you and explore you from the inside. Try to be patient. Don’t lose your chill even if she is late. Give her the maximum time as possible; they are too feminine and sensitive. An unnecessary display of anger may frustrate them.