Expert Tips for Men on Women who play “Hard to Get”

Ever thought why that single Colombian lady friend of yours broke it off with you? Or why hot South American Latino girls, break it off with you? Want some rules to courting American women seeking marriage, or hot Columbian women?

Whether you meet Latin women online or woman looking for man, even on hot Columbian, there are several basic rules of the game that you need to know, especially when women play hard to get, because they often do, along with the article we will also explain why they do this.

So that after reading this article you understand why beautiful girls are single, and the rules of the Latin singles dating game and you will tremendously improve your chances of landing a hot Columbian date to get back at all those naysayers in college and school.

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Tip NO. 1

Don’t be clingy

Do you like it when you are taking off the cling film on your sandwich, and it just won’t leave your hand? Well, that is what women who are playing hard to get sometimes feel. Sometimes they’re playing hard to get comes from bad experience, and so you need to show them that you will give them their space and that you trust them.

Tip NO.2

Give them time to reply

We have all heard of that guy who got impatient in 15 minutes cause his tinder hookup did not reply, well, don’t do that. Give them time to reply, come off as too desperate, and she will dump you faster than the bird S*** that hits the ground after leaving a bird sitting in a bird bath on the floor. Let her think, get things off her plate and reply

Tip NO.3

Perhaps this should be number one, but make sure she is playing hard to get is and not trying to get rid of you, or is not interested, or bats for the other team, or is just busy. Because, we would hate for you to get in that situation, actually no, get into it and be sure to post it on FB for all to get a laugh, we can all use a laugh right about now.

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Tip NO.4

Don’t be stupid and always make last minute plans

Of course everyone loves a bit of spontaneity here and there, but always using this as an excuse for your sorry ass planning and time management skills is just sad and bound to have you flung out on your ass or even an ass whopping… unless you like that sorta stuff, then who are we to judge? Please carry on

Tip NO.5

Call her

You know how you love looking at her picture? Well, women prefer hearing their man’s voice. So call her, you will be more convincing, harder to say no to, easier to get her flustered and it will leave an impression, and who knows maybe it will even leave her wanting more, and she will give you something you wanted from so much for so long, you’ve been there haven’t you? That is exactly what we meant

Tip NO.6

She may be unavailable

So, you need to consider this, maybe she just got out of a long term relationship and just doesn’t want another one just yet? Maybe she just doesn’t want to get serious. Don’t mix that up with her playing hard to get, because here it’s not hard, its impossible.

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Tip NO.7

Let her know you are serious

Often, playing hard to get is a self defense mechanism, what you need to do then is to make sure that she knows that you are not just in it till she lets her guard down, that you won’t just let her wake up alone after that amazing night together, but don’t scare her away and pull a Ted Mosby (Google it, reference: How I Met Your Mother)

Tip NO.8

How to respond when she talks about other guys

One of the most popular moves in playing hard to get is talking about other guys; it is a trap, do not fall into it. Let her talk and try to change the topic very craftily and don’t be obvious about it, show a little bit of annoyance if she doesn’t drop it and tell her she is beautiful; she will soon be begging for your company.

Tip NO.9

Be mysterious

Yes, two can play the game, do not under any circumstance put all your cards on the table, let her wonder and think and leave an element of mystery, give her some time to get a taste of her medicine. Even better, shower her with affection whether verbal or physical (depending on your relationship) so that she craves knowing the answer to the mystery.

Tip NO. 10

Okay, in hindsight, this should have come at the top, but get her to the first date that is the most important thing, once you have that, half of the walls are down! And we don’t mean date, we mean an intimate date. No not that, get your mind out of the gutter. We meant a movie with a blanket, a picnic under the stars, you know, something romantic she cannot say no to!


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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