August 13, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Find the Russian Bride: Online Dating for Older Man Younger Woman Relationship

find Russian bride
Finding the Russian bride that you ever dream of is very possible. It is all thanks to online dating, especially older man younger women date.

Finding the Russian bride that you ever dream of is very possible. It is all thanks to online dating – the quest to seek a Russian girlfriend has become easier. There are a lot of dating sites such as, and there are other social media platforms that allow you to see other people online, which means that the odds of meeting a woman online is similar to the same chances of encountering a stranger in a bar.

For the single men, especially the newcomers of online dating, here is the guide that can help you what to do when dating a Russian girl once you already found one.

  1. Be Interesting

In a Russian dating site, you should establish an interesting facade that can help you become more attractive and worth having a date with. If a girl knows how interesting you are, there are high chances that you will be able to chat with or even get a date with her.

Young girls dating older guys tend to be more fun to be with because they know much of what is popular today, which can help you jump into the trend and become even more interesting. An older man and younger woman relationship is quite the craze today.

  1. Don’t Take Rejections Too Hard

If you ask the girl to meet-up and she says ‘No’, you do not have to force her. It’s never too bad to be rejected some times. What you have to do is just take it lightly, and give her more time to know you better. In any case that you are not receiving any replies from her, she’s just probably busy for now – besides, it is not the end of the line because there are still a lot of girls in a Russian women dating site. Talk to someone else until the ‘No’ becomes a ‘Yes’.

Also, avoid flooding a girl with too many messages when she is not responding because you might not know; maybe her phone had an issue, which is why she had no response to your last message.

  1. Be Yourself

If you are afraid that you may not be physically attractive for Russian dating, do not be! In fact, every girl in a dating site is unique with her standards. Some may find muscular men attractive, but some do not even bother glancing at them. Some girls want chubby men, some don’t. Do not pretend to be something you’re not because if you find that Russian girl who likes you entirely no matter how you look or how old you are, chances are she can become one of the hot Russian brides that the world ever knew – and that bride is yours. The photos that you should upload are your recent photos, and you must not upload photos of someone else and then claim that the guy in the photo is you.

If you also have your sense of humor, it is totally a plus point in ‘older man – younger woman relationship’. Why? Because all there is to a relationship are conversations, and if you were good at making her laugh, she would stay by your side because she feels happy. You should also know what you are looking for. Are you looking for a serious relationship? Or are you looking for a fling? If so, the woman that you should seek is the one that matches your own interest as well.

  1. Lead the Talk

Of course, you should! Let’s say that you met this hot Russian girl online, and you both had a lovely conversation in your chat box. One day you both decided to meet at a restaurant that you agreed. On the date, she barely opens her mouth to say a word when the two of you have already been chatting a lot. Well, it’s because she may be shy when it comes to a face-to-face conversation with someone she just met.

In a moment like this, do not hesitate to start a proper conversation so that her nervousness will be relieved. After all, you already know how to make her reply in your chats, so you have the idea on how to make her respond to you during your date.

  1. Stay for as Long as You Can

Keep a courtesy that when you are on a date, even if the girl does not meet your expectations, you should forget the 57-min rule and stay for as long as possible. Some even use the ‘I’ll just go to the bathroom’ technique, or the cliché ‘Someone just called me, and it’s an emergency’ method to escape the date. Just sit down, and talk with her. It is not so bad to simply know someone else – her thoughts, dreams, and experiences. You never know how much you will learn from a girl who you thought would give you terrible date night.

  1. Know Her Better

The perfect woman online is someone you should invest time with. You do not just pick a credit card and then book a mail order Russian bride, and then poof! – Woman of your dreams. It does not hurt to spend time knowing deeper about her interest. Make the online conversations long by letting her talk about her goals, dreams, and where she sees herself in the future.

Talking about your experiences and hers helps you in knowing her to better as well because that is the foundation of who she is today. Once you already have a bunch of ideas about her personality, your first date will not go bad, and may even become really remarkable throughout the rest of your life.

Final Thoughts

Online dating can feel weird for people who grew up socializing with people personally rather than through the Internet. As long as you are a single man, it is a great chance to try it out! Throughout your online dating journey, you will learn experiences on what and what not to do when looking for that hot Russian dream girl of yours.