July 20, 2024


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First Dates Don’t Matter When Dating Russian Women, Second Dates Do

Russian Women

First dates suck. There’s no other way of saying it. But when dating Russian women, you may want to stop stressing about the first date so much, because the second date is what truly matters.

For many guys, those last few hours before the first date with a Russian girl can be extremely stressful. They memorize dozens of stupid jokes and quotes to sound funny and intelligent, they stand in front of the mirror in their bathroom and wear multiple masks to be more likable.

But if you truly want to impress a beautiful Russian girl on the first date, just stop worrying about it so much, and start preparing for the SECOND date instead.

Russian women

Why first dates aren’t as important as you think

It may sound like not the best idea to get that cute Russian girl and make her “like” you on the first date, but the paradox is that the more you stress about the first date, the harder you fail.

It’s happened to you multiple times in the past: that memory backlog of jokes and smart quotes disappear from your brain the second you open your mouth on the first date. *Poof*. Gone. Blank space.

And since you heavily relied on that first-date material and came empty-handed, it’s not surprising that your conversation is doomed to fail.

And those fat layers of masks that hide your true personality won’t get you far either, as the REAL you will come out into the open sooner or later.

Instead, spend those last few hours before the first date Russian girl doing something you enjoy and are passionate about. Go to the gym, read books, watch Netflix, cook a delicious meal (this one will be useful if you get the girl to come over to your place after the date).

In other words: don’t be overwhelmed by the first date and stop looking for last-minute, emergency ways to transform yourself into a mishmash of a superhero, Hollywood actor, comedian and Elon Musk all at once.

The truth is: if you aren’t boring during the first date (you can actually keep an interesting conversation), you know how to listen to a woman ( you aren’t a self-absorbed scum), you don’t force yourself on her (no creepy touching), and you know how to make a woman smile (no corny jokes that make you look pathetic), you will probably be fine on the first date.

For Russian girl dating, every first date is just a straightforward pre-selection stage to exclude creeps, pervs, serial killers and boring dudes from the dating scenery.

How to make the second date truly special

date Russian girlIf you’re truly interested in dating Russian girl, invest all of your energy into the second date. It doesn’t mean, however, that you can be a lazy slob on the first date and let the woman see the worst side of you (aka eating with your hands and getting wasted).

All it means is that pretty much anyone can impress sexy Russian babes on the first date, while only badass guys can get Russian wives turned on during the second date, as this is typically the time when your personality comes into play.

On the second date, your actual identity will shine through, and your date will finally get the chance to learn who you are beneath all those first-date personality masks.

If you want that beautiful Russian girl to be in it for the long haul, consider doing something that reflects your personality more than a typical fancy date at a fancy restaurant. Any Russian girl has been on those dates more times than you can count.

If you love movies, take her to the cinema. If you’re passionate about bowling, go bowling together. Do something that you enjoy and, if possible, put your first-date knowledge to use. Meaning: if the girl told you about her interests during the first date, do your best to incorporate those into your second date.sexy Russian babes

There’s nothing that melts the hearts of Russian women faster than a man who actually listens and takes notes of what his woman is saying.

Trust me, in her eyes, you will be her Superman, as you aren’t just trying to get her drunk to get into her panties. And you know what they say: women are obsessed with the idea of getting a little crazy with Superman when the lights go out.charmdate