June 19, 2024


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How to Flirt With a Russian Girl While Chatting

Online conversations can be tough. And when your goal is to get romantically involved with the person you’re chatting with, it’s even tougher.

But hear this: the chatting process is tough for both you and the person you’re chatting with. Especially if her plans coincide with yours. But how do you flirt with Russian women, specifically?

Is there some unique approach that would be different than chatting with, say, a Chinese girl? Not really. But there are indeed some things that can be said or done in an online conversation to win the heart of the Russian girl whose profile you’ve been checking out for so long.

So how do you approach a girl on some Russian dating website when the only weapon you have is online chat. First of all, try to not mess up her name when referring to her. There is no worse way to start a chat than to spell her name wrong. She won’t be able to take you seriously after that.

Russian ladiesRussian ladies names can be tough, but if you’re interested in that girl, do yourself a favor and learn her name by heart!

Another key point to keep in mind: when Russian women chat, they are using lots of “)))” instead of emojis, as this is the way of expressing emotions in online chats in Russia. The more parenthesis “)” she puts in her message, the wider the smile on her face!

There are lots of attractive young Russian girls hanging out on online dating websites. And all those Russian women photos can be so sexy men get intimidated to approach them online. Many men wonder how can they possibly pique the interest of a girl who receives hundreds of messages daily?

And that’s true. In order for you to truly stand out from the crowd among all of this sexy Russian girl’s suitors, you’ll have to come up with a creative first message.

Your first message is your first impression and don’t forget that you can NEVER change your first impression. So here is a guideline to write a perfect first message:

  • It must be a simple message, but it can’t be a simple “Hi” and a wingy face.
  • It must be a short and clear message – and the girl must receive some kind of information from it.
  • It must contain something that will get the Russian girl “hooked”. If there is no “hook” then the girl will likely ignore your message.

One thing that could help you come up with the perfect first message for that specific girl that you like is reviewing her profile. Pay attention to the section where she writes about herself and what kind of person she’s looking for.

Russian ladiesAnd don’t forget about humor in your first message and throughout your chatting process. Potential Russian wives on dating websites take their romantic life seriously, but it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate humor every now and then.

When chatting with Russian brides, don’t reveal too much about yourself at once. Even though Russian women beauty can be intimidating sometimes to even ask her questions, you’ll have to do the talking as you’re the man.

Sometimes people wonder why are Russian women so ‘cold’ when men compliment them? That’s because 90% of those compliments they have already heard in their lives and because it gets boring to reply and reject each and every men that compliments a girl to get in her panties.

And flirting with a girl online means listening to her. Don’t skip her messages, reply and react to every thing she says and enjoy the process.