How to Show Attraction to Girl without Looking Creepy, Clingy and Like an Idiot

It’s actually very easy to push a girl away after revealing your true attraction to her – whether it’s physical or sexual attraction.

Most beautiful latin girls are annoyed by overly attached and clingy guys, and expressing your attraction can actually make you look like that clingy type of guy…

Unless, of course, you read the DO’s and DON’Ts of how to reveal your attraction the proper, safe and sexy way.

Nothing can be sexier about a guy than him knowing how to use his body language with confidence and class. And showing a gorgeous latin girl that you have a crush on her can be done through body language as well.

gorgeous latin girl

Creeping her out with your smile

Whether you’re approaching a girl for the first time or you two have met and chatted on, it’s important to start showing your interest with a genuine smile.

Note: make sure you don’t have a creepy weirdo smile when it’s a forced smile (that’s actually a common problem among men) – master your smiling skills in front of the mirror.

No wonder that smile is the first and the safest signal that is used to show your attraction to a person at a nightclub or across the room. That’s because a smile makes you look more confident, happier and excited to see another person.

In fact, latina single women brain registers a smile from a guy as a ‘reward’, which makes her happier. That’s why most of the times you’ll get a smile from her in return. That’s already a big indicator that she’s equally interested in you.

Colombian women personality

Dirty compliments

You can also show your attraction by using compliments. However, when using compliments don’t say something like, “You have incredible eyes” – she’s heard this one hundreds of times before.

Be more creative and compliment the way she dresses or the way she walks – if you think about it, men almost never compliment beautiful latin girls for their wardrobe choices.

When complimenting colombian women looking for men, don’t go after her breasts or butt, as most women will think you’re a pervert — though deep down inside girls usually do appreciate even the dirty compliments.

Be attentive to her

One of the safest and most efficient ways to show your interest to a girl is being attentive to her. Colombian women personality is wired in the way that wants them to seek attentive guys.

If you’re chatting with clombian girls online – make sure you remember the stories she shared with you and reference some bits from her stories in your future conversations.

beautiful latin girls

Don’t mess up her name

Sure, the names of colombian girls for marriage can be tricky to pronounce, but if you can master pronouncing her name the proper way, it can be a very effective weapon of showing your affection to her after she introduces herself to you.

Repeating a girl’s name throughout your conversation or online chat subconsciously makes her more attracted to you. There’s something magical about another person saying your name, so the more often a girl hears it, the more attracted to you she is.

Don’t overdo it and repeat her name in every sentence though – or it may seem as if you’re using a walkie-talkie.

Touch her – but not the private parts!

Whether you date latin singles or Asian beauties, touching is sexy: it can either send shivers down someone’s spine or gross someone out. With a hint of touch, you can create intimacy and show that you like a girl.

If you touch a girl and she doesn’t pull back, it’s a sign that she’s open to your touching. Use casual touching – like a touch on her shoulder as you compliment her T-shirt – to show your genuine attraction to her.

Avoid grabbing – it’s unsexy, gross and creepy.


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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