May 16, 2022

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How to Watch Football When You Are Dating a Latina Who Abhors It

Dating a Latina is almost every man’s dream, as they are stereotyped to be voluptuous and sexy in all angles, not to mention feisty. However, beautiful Columbian girls are just not all that; they are also well-educated, independent, hard-loving, and passionate about what they really want and they really care for. If you happen to find your dream Latina whether personally or through an international dating app, then don’t let her go, for she’s one of a kind.

However, dating is not always rainbows and butterflies; there will come a time when the two of you will have arguments, even with the smallest details and that includes sports. Your pretty Latina may not be enthusiastically excited with your all-time favorite sports football, and it may be hard to ask her to sit with you to watch the kickoff season.

beautiful Columbian girls

Here are some ways to remedy the situation:

  • Don’t expect her to watch every single game you want.

Beautiful Latin girls know how to listen and when to speak up. Therefore, don’t expect her to meekly sit down every time you ask her to watch the game she doesn’t even have a thing for. She will definitely speak up what she wants when everything seems too much for her.

If you plan on going to the next level with your gorgeous girl, then maybe you just have to acknowledge the hard-to-accept fact. But, you can still watch your favorite football game during the weekends as long as you practice the word “moderation”. Watching every single game will do no good in your relationship.

  • Don’t force her to like Football as much as you do.

Your ‘satis’, pretty in Latin, Latina girl is known to be passionate about what she likes. She may also be thrilled and enthusiastic about sports other than football. However, you must not force her to like football as much as you do as she will not also force you to love the sports she is fond of.

After failed attempts of making her appreciate football, then let her be. As long as she sits down with you in front of the TV on weekends, you have to be contented and still feel lucky. The two of you must reach to a compromising situation to avoid heated arguments with petty things.

  • Sacrifice and compromise

These two words may hurt your ego, but it will surely make your Latina girl feel more special. Pretty Latina women love to feel exceptionally special. One way of making her feel so is by sacrificing your love for football to spend time with her. A healthy relationship entails heartfelt give and take. When she compromised some of her time to watch football with you, she also expects you to do the same with her, to compromise.

Dating a Latina

  • Be grateful

It may sound a little off to say ‘thank you’ for what seems like a small deed, but watching a pointless, boring, and perhaps too aggressive game for her liking is her way of making a sacrifice for you. Simply acknowledge her effort and willingness to spend time with you, even if she abhors the idea of football. This will make her feel appreciated even with the simplest things that she does.

  • Make her feel special

If the football kickoffs have not started yet, then try to do things to make your Latina beauty feel important. For example, dating a Colombian girl out for a weekday date to the mall or a movie is a good idea. You may also watch a show or even sports that she truly enjoys, cook dinner for her, and other ways to make her feel appreciated. This is the perfect time to pay conscientious attention to your significant other to prove to her that sports is not the only one that matters and that she is more important than your love for football.

This will also help you stock on some brownie points when the football games come back. The more she feels appreciated and valued throughout the week, the better the chances she will allow you to binge-watch on your favorite football game.

  • Think of ways to make the game days more interesting for her.

If the total idea of the sports is really abhorring for her, then try to incentivize ways to make her look forward to weekend games. For instance, if you like to watch the game with the boys, then invite them over with their girlfriends; this will make game days with the boys more bearable and even something to look forward to for your girl.

  • Take her to watch the game live.

You could also take your Latina beauty to watch the game in live-action. Latina girls love to be shown off, and one way to do so is by watching the game in the field whilst taking some pictures with her. That way you are hitting two birds with one stone: you get to watch the game while giving in to your what your Latina lady likes.

Final Thoughts

If all efforts are in vain, don’t be easily swayed off with your partner and the future of your relationship. Your difference in the taste of sports doesn’t necessarily mean you will not have a smooth-sailing future ahead.

It doesn’t also necessarily mean that you have to choose from pretty Latina women all over the world and the internet that shares the same passion with football as you. Latin brides for marriage are considered as rare gems that are hard to find and harder to keep; you just have to respect the difference, compromise in the situation, and sacrifice a little to make your relationship work.

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