July 6, 2022


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Level Up on Self-Confidence When You’re Out There Dating Colombian Ladies

Although being in a loving relationship sounds appealing, it’s the idea of being rejected which can be a real downer. You’re so “out there” when faced with Colombian ladies that this leaves you feeling vulnerable.

As men, how we hate being placed in a weak and vulnerable position! This makes us want put our guard up more and open up less, right? But then again, being too defensive can be a self-defeating behaviour, especially when you’re out dating Colombian ladies who are known to be strong and passionate.

So, how do you end up with a hot South American girl without possibly losing your wings and singeing your ego? The key would be to develop a strong sense of self and to boost your confidence!

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A good dose of self-confidence doesn’t just happen overnight. Oftentimes, it takes a number of steps before you can level up to a greater self-confidence and belief in yourself. Here’s how to make it happen:

Step 1: Face your fears. Overcome them.

Because fear happens to be your number one enemy, you need to overcome it. You can only surpass your fears once you recognize that they have no power over you. In fact, you are in control of your own thoughts and emotions, and these same thoughts and emotions are the ones which guide your actions and behaviors.

Thus, if you think and feel positive about the opportunity to date Colombian women online or in person, then it’s more likely that the outcome of your actions will be positive. You could meet Colombian girls who see through your intentions and appreciate your efforts.

Step 2: Eliminate the stress. Change your response.

Remember that fear is a factor that causes stress. Therefore, discard the fear of rejection and you lessen the stress associated with dating. As fear and stress decrease, you grow increasingly confident that you can manage the situation.

On one hand, here’s what happens to the body when it experiences stress. When your body detects dating as stress, it reacts through what is known as a stress response. A combination of different reactions, your blood pressure rises. Your heart rate increases. Your hands and feet start to feel cold and clammy. You begin to sweat. You hyperventilate and find it difficult to breathe.

On the other hand, learn to relax and it changes your entire response. Your body goes back to its normal rhythm and balance is restored. In this state of calm, you’d be able to put your best foot forward when dating Colombian women for marriage.

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Having dealt with the body, what about your brain? Here’s how the human brain is hardwired to react to stress.  When you feel stressed, your body over-secretes stress hormones. As part of your fight-flight-or flee response, your adrenal glands release the stress hormone cortisol.

Together, hormones and neurotransmitters contribute to affect brain functions like your ability to think, react, and reason. Thus, you’re not in top form to date hot South American girls when both your body and brain are overpowered by stress.

Step 3: It’s time to look good and feel good!

At this level, it looks like the stress-free you is ready to go out on a date with Colombian single women. To boost your self-confidence, remember to wear a smile and don that killer outfit. Also, practice your opening lines and learn to project a positive body language.

Coming face-to-face with Colombian single ladies should prove to be fun and exciting! Thus, make it an exhilarating experience and not a distressing one. Stop feeling self-conscious and start being confident. Dare to believe that you have it in you to create that initial spark and to fan the flames of desire in the women you’re dating.

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