Revealed: why sexy Russian women leave Russia to date foreigners?

If you’ve ever stumbled across any international dating website, you probably wondered why there are so many pretty Russian women looking for foreign men. Literally hundreds of thousands of single Russian women spend hours, setting up their dating profiles to find a handsome and rich foreigner. Why is that?

Gorgeous Russian women dream of getting hitched with some foreign prince to move to his country, thinking that over there life is much sweeter than in Russia. Although there is no doubt that the life in most (if not all) Western countries is significantly more sweet than the life in Russia, there are still many experts who encourage single Russian girls to come to their sense before making such a critical decision in their lives.

So what is the reason behind Russian women looking for men overseas, on other continents and… in other words, far away from Russia? Apart from love, there is a number of other reasons. Let’s review them.

1.Inner nature of foreign men

single Russian womenBeautiful Russian women are attracted to the level of attentiveness that foreign men possess. Tender lovemaking, giving flowers for no reason, beautiful words – these are the reasons why sexy Russian women are looking to date foreigners.

2.Quality of life

Many (probably – most) single Russian women consider marrying a foreigner as an opportunity to move to his country to live there. Russian women are attracted by the high quality of life in foreign countries: high quality of education and healthcare, well-paid job and many other benefits have been attracting pretty Russian girls for decades.

Being married to a man from such a country gives Russian women the opportunity to have a carefree life of a housewife that watches TV shows and cooks her favorite meals without the need to think about how to survive on a monthly salary of $200.

3.New experiences

It’s a pretty common reason why beautiful Russian women want to leave Russia and date a foreigner. They just can’t put up with everyday problems of the life in Russia anymore, and they want new experiences.

Single Russian ladies want to get to know new places, broaden their cultural point of view, meet new people… And that’s a natural desire that can be realized after marrying a foreign man.

4.Working opportunities

It often happens that having finished college or university, Russian girls can’t find the job of their specialty, which is why they are attracted by the idea of working in a foreign country.

Why foreign men so desperately want to date Russian women?

meet Russian womenFirst of all, gorgeous Russian women for marriage are not as ‘spoiled’ as European, and most importantly, American women.

Second of all, the first priority in life for every Russian woman is family, rather than career and own interests.

Third of all, Russian women are considered to be best housewives and mothers.

And considering the natural beauty of Russian women, it can be said with certainty that their chances to marry a foreigner are extremely high, which is why there are so many dating websites for foreigners to meet Russian women.

How and where do pretty Russian women look for foreigners?

Humble and insecure Russian girls are better off looking for a foreigner through the Internet. The kind of soft communication that dating websites provide can help this type of single Russian women to assert their position and to feel more confident at the first real life date with a foreigner.

Women who are more brave and who know exactly the kind of man they are looking for are recommended to use marriage agencies. Staff of such agencies finds the perfect match for this type of Russian girls individually.

Beautiful Russian women who desperately want to find a foreign man go traveling overseas to personally find their foreign man and marry him.


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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