May 16, 2022

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Russian Brides: In Relationships With Them Not Making You Fat

Russian brides
Learn why being in a relationship with Russian brides not making you fat, instead in healthy and happy relationships. Read on for the specific details!

Most couples say that being in a happy relationship can make you fat. Although their claims are pretty much solidified by their actual bodies, it seems unlikely if you marry a Russian girl. If you take the Russian brides as your partners, you may still have healthy relationships and fit wives. 

How Relationship Can Make You Fat

How does one become fat while in a relationship? According to a recent study conducted by the University of North Carolina, couples having happy relationships weigh 13 pounds heavier, on average, than those that are still single. Each passing year, couples can gain 4 pounds.

How is that possible? If you experience having to go on a date, you probably prepare a lot just to look good. It is the stage of establishing first impressions and part of that is having an attractive body.

As couples become more attached, their insecurities about appearances slowly wash away. They will be more comfortable with each other and might indulge in activities that make them fat like visiting many eateries or binge-watching the TV while ordering fast food. In other words, the more familiar a couple gets, the more they accept realities in life.  

Need more proof? According to the studies of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, wherein 200 newlyweds are being observed for 4 years, there is a significant increase in weight for spouses in happy relationships. That just means there is no stress affecting a couple’s diet and they tend to enjoy the comforts in life. 

However, that doesn’t mean that fit couples are not in a happy stage in their relationships. They may be happy too, but the only catch is that they also prioritize a healthy and active lifestyle. That is why you see Russian women dating for a long time can maintain their bodies. 

When you see single Russian ladies, you see them as having supermodel-like features, right? There’s a reason why most of them don’t necessarily gain weight even though they are in happy relationships. 

What Are The Pros Of Dating Russian Brides

For starters, most men like having their partners maintain their attractive appearances. So, it is no brainer that men might search for Russian women looking for love. But is it favorable to date a Russian woman? To answer that, let’s look at the advantages of dating one. 

  • Russian brides are caring and thoughtful.

Having a thoughtful partner is indeed one quality to yearn for in finding a girlfriend. Most Russian girls are like that, and so you will be in good hands. You might want to start looking for Russian dating sites in USA now.

  • Russian girls regard friendship highly

This does not refer to the tendency of putting men in a ‘friend zone’, though. This means that aside from having a Russian girlfriend, you also have a best friend you can count on. You can have many things to converse about aside from romance. 

Russian women dating
  • Russian girls like an adventure

Russia is known to have a military might that can rival the USA for so many decades. That reputation became a part of Russia’s culture and therefore, you can expect Russian women to be more empowering. At these times of peace, they can channel that through outdoor activities. 

  • Russian girls have a strong sense of devotion

As mentioned, Russia is a superpower in terms of its military. The women slowly adapt the disciplinary practices of the soldiers. Moreover, Russian traditions highly encourage all women in the past to be devoted. 

  • Russian girls can cook well

Russian girls may not get fat even when they are in happy relationships, but they can certainly make their partners fatter. How? Russians are naturally good at cooking. They have age-old recipes being handed down from one generation to another. 

  • Russian girls are great at housekeeping

Aside from cooking, another quality of women that most men demand is housekeeping skills. Not only do you get a cook, but you also have someone who knows how to organize things. Russians take housekeeping a bit more seriously in their respective places. 

single Russian ladies
  • Russian girls tend to be smarter than they look

It’s hard to determine Russian girls’ intelligence even if you use the best Russian dating sites. You will be first enamored by their looks, but they can be more than that. They are highly literate and can manage to learn many foreign languages. After all, the Russian language is one of the most difficult in the world and so the rest seems easy for them. 

  • Russian girls can be modest

Cooking skills, housekeeping skills, and thoughtfulness – obviously Russian girls can be modest and humble. They can look tough and feisty, but they are well-mannered. 

  • Russian girls can be accommodating

This means that a Russian girl can adjust their circumstances for the men they like. They can speak their partners’ languages, practice the cultures and even travel to their partners’ locations to start new lives. 

How Do Russians Perceive About Getting Fat

You may be encouraged to look for a beautiful Russian woman now after learning all the advantages of dating one, but you must know that there is a reason why they are likely not to get fat even in happy relationships. The simplest answer is that being overweight is a subject of discrimination in Russia.

In Russia girl are not directly attacked due to their size. This can manifest through denying those who gain weight the opportunities for work and career. According to the World Health Organization, or WHO, around 60% of Russians are overweight and 20% of them are obese. 


It is inspiring to look for hot Russian brides, but you also have to respect the struggle they have in regards to being discriminated against due to weight gain. Fat or not, the most important thing in a relationship is being truly happy.