Russian Christmas holiday traditions–a great conversation starter!

What an exciting time we live in! Think about it: we walk around all day long with access to all the collective knowledge of the human race at our fingertips. With no more than a swipe or a touch of a button, you can settle a bar bet, get directions, upload a blog post, review a restaurant–or swipe right on a potential date. You can do almost literally anything from almost anywhere you happen to be.

One big change this has given us lucky guys of dating age who happen to be living in this magical time is unprecedented access to unprecedented numbers of women all over the globe.

Think about THAT for a minute. Your father and certainly your grandfather likely never had a snowball’s chance in hell of meeting, say, Russian women, let alone a chance to date Russian girls. Back in the day, “Russian mail order brides” literally meant exactly that: you would look up an ad in the back of magazine and mail off your information and five bucks to whatever sketchy address was listed, and hope that someday, six to eight weeks down the road, you would receive a catalogue of grainy, low-resolution photographs of what might possibly have been Russian girls.

Russian girlsContrast that with our options today. I can do a search for Russian babes and seconds later be scanning through hundreds if not thousands of awesome pictures and profiles of hot Russian ladies.

So that’s one small step for Western man. But how does a small-town guy like me make the giant leap for Western mankind and actually strike up a conversation with one of these girls?

Well, like anyone else in the world, you need to find things to talk about that the person you are talking with can relate to. If you want to get a Russian date, you need to find things you have in common.

For me, a nice conversation starter this time of year is discussing the holidays. There’s a couple of reasons I think why this works for me.

First of all, everybody loves the holiday season–even those of us who hate it. What I mean by that is that even the most cynical person has memories of what it was like at your earliest Christmases: the magic of waking up early to presents, snow on the ground, the sparkling of the tree.

Thoughts of the holidays make you feel warm and nostalgic, and that feeling makes you feel comfortable and safe. Comfort and safety–I can think of worse images I want to project when conversing with hot young Russian girls!

Russian womenSecondly, the topic of holidays immediately leads you to cultural differences and similarities. Who doesn’t like sharing their culture’s idiosyncrasies with someone from a different background? Next time you’re chatting up a Russian girl on a dating website ask her about Father Frost or The Snow Maiden.

Better yet, pull that thing out of your pocket–no, the other one–and do something worthwhile with it for once! Do a little research and come up with a few questions you can ask regarding Russian winter holidays. I guarantee you she will be impressed by the fact that you know anything about her traditions, let alone have intelligent questions for her.

Mainly you need to keep in mind that Russian girls on the dating websites are just like the rest of us: they are looking for interesting conversation–at least at first. And the best way to start a conversation is to show interest in that person’s interests.

You are interested in dating Russian girls, right? Well, get out there and show some interest then!


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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