June 19, 2024


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Russian Dating Success: 37 is the New Middle Age – Stay True to Yourself

beautiful Russian women
Which age is the best for Russian dating in modern society? Read on to find the specific answer and find out how to get a higher success rate.

Russian dating is exciting at all ages! Every man can find a woman from Russia that will make him feel more alive and give him a new perspective on life. Men tend to get insecure when it comes to approaching women once they get in the middle age, which starts at the age of 37. The insecurities often stop them from enjoying life! For that reason, if you are living in your middle age, it’s time to use it properly. This could be the best time of your life; you only need to learn how to live it. Some simple, yet effective tips could be the turning point for you.

Learn About New Russian Dating Ways

Perhaps you haven’t dated Russian girls for a while so you are not familiar with the new dating ways. That’s okay, you don’t have to entirely give up on old-fashioned dating. However, you need to make some adjustments! For example, texting is the most common communication method today. If your last time dating someone was a couple of decades ago, you won’t be used to this. You might want to always call Russian babes and see them in person. That is understandable but texting is required to even meet girls in the first place. If you use a dating website, you need to step your texting game up. It will be the key to connect to ladies online. After you get to know each other to some extent, you can start calling and seeing her in person but you cannot skip the first step. Following this, you will need to get familiar with modern dating practices. Classy dinners are always “in” but going to festivals and having a good time at the club should also be on your list; especially if you are dating a girl that is younger than you.

Don’t Lose Yourself

Although you should “modernize” your dating ways, you shouldn’t lose yourself. You don’t have to do things that make you uncomfortable just to seem younger and more interesting to beautiful Russian women. If you do that, you will seem fake and she won’t get to know the real you. For that reason, keep the basics of your personality and your manners. Being genuine, taking care of your lady, showing up on time, and being a gentleman never goes out of fashion. Make sure to stay true to yourself. After all, you cannot change the core of your personality and that is what your partner should love about you. If you need to change completely to impress someone, that will not last. Online dating is not only for the young and care-free millennials.

beautiful Russian women

Be Confident

Confidence is one of the most attractive men traits for Russian women and ladies of all nationalities. You should look at your age as an advantage, rather than a disadvantage. Sure, you might have lost some hair, you could have some wrinkles and you are not in the same shape you were when you were in your 20s. However, you have more experience, you are more mature, you are surely more financially stable, and you are ready for the next exciting chapter of your life! What is there to be insecure about? If you have this approach to middle age, you will feel more confident. Women like to date men that can teach them something and guide them. Use your experience in a good direction and show single Russian ladies what you bring to the table.

Be Positive and Open-Minded

Nobody wants to date negative people. You can be an attractive, positive, and wise man that everyone wants to be around or a grumpy bitter man that makes people around him feel depressed and moody; you choose! Dating Russian women is a positive experience. These girls don’t really want to waste time on people that make them feel bad. If you act like a “know it all”, you find flaws in everything, and always have something bad to say about any topic, you will be an unpleasant company. Do the opposite! Be positive. Share your experience in an enlightening way and ladies will love to listen to you. If you know more about a certain topic than your significant one, teach her in a subtle, genuine way and she will love it!

In the same way, stay open-minded. The world is changing and that is normal. Do not criticize every change you see, saying how things were better before. Instead, try to be understanding and not judge others for the way they talk, think, dress, or do anything else. Of course, that doesn’t have to affect the way you behave. As mentioned above, you should stay true to yourself but accepting of everyone/everything else.

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Be Honest

One of the most common mistakes that middle-aged men make is lying about their past. They are scared of being rejected or judged by their past actions so they choose to hide them. If you do that, you will be excluding your partner from your life and denying her the right to know some important things about you. That way, she won’t get to know you fully. Beautiful Russian women are very understanding and they highly appreciate honesty. They will respect more if you tell them dark parts of your past than hiding them only to end up being discovered and labeled as a liar. If that happens, your lady will stop trusting you and it will be extremely difficult to earn her trust again.