Russian Dating: Top 3 Stunning Russian Girls

During a period of economic crisis in Russia and Ukraine, it only makes sense to expect an influx of Eastern Europe beauties on Russian dating sites looking to find a foreign man with money, car, and status.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of Russian beauties whose only goal is to date a wealthy guy from the West, but it doesn’t mean that ALL Russian women are like that. On serious dating sites such as CharmDate, there are many women who aren’t “gold diggers.”

And today, we’ve compiled a list of the top three Russian ladies who are actually sincerely looking for love.

Mariya, 23

For any Russian girl online dating is an exciting process full of discovery. And Mariya is no exception. Mariya says she has always dreamed of becoming a princess, and she might have actually become one.

A stunning blonde with big eyes and a cute little dress… That’s what you see the moment you open Mariya’s profile on CharmDate. But as you get deeper and explore her personality, that’s where things get really interesting.

Traveling is Mariya’s biggest hobby, which is why she dedicated nearly half of her dating profile bio to this topic. It shows that Mariya is very passionate about traveling, as her goal is to visit all countries in this big world. That’s quite a dream, isn’t it?

You see, Mariya is traveling on her own, and she certainly has the money to afford her flights and travels. But she’s missing one piece to truly enjoy traveling: a travel buddy who’d be as passionate about traveling as her, a man who’d kiss her on the lips in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and hold her hand as they walk through the most wonderful streets in Rome.

Do you want to be that man? If you’re here to chat with Russian ladies and Mariya has caught your attention, send Mariya a message and press the “Start” button on that whirlwind of love.

Miya, 27

Before we get any further, you may be surprised to hear that Miya is a divorced woman. “Wait, how could anyone dump such a stunning lady?” you may be wondering. So that you don’t have to ask this question during a chat video Russian with Miya, she explained why she got divorced in her dating profile.

Turns out, her ex-husband humiliated her and turned everyone she knew against her by revealing her secret. And that secret was that she had been dating women before marriage because she couldn’t trust young men.

But now Miya is on CharmDate, one of the best Russia and Ukraina online dating sites, to find a foreign man.

So yeah, if you want to meet Ukraine or Russian girl who’s independent and knows what she wants from life, don’t hesitate to contact Miya and become the lover of her dreams.

Maryann, 23

Despite her young age, Maryann has already become a successful designer of clothes and she even has her own consulting agency. Wow, that’s impressive as for a 23-year-old!

Besides being super smart and successful, Maryann is also breathtakingly beautiful. But Maryann has a very specific request when it comes to dating foreign men: she’s tired of boys, she needs a MAN, someone who knows how to treat and respect a woman.

With such a good career, Maryann only needs love to make her life complete. So can you actually make this woman happy? If you can and you know how to meet Russian women, that’s your lucky chance to take your sexy Russian dating game to the next level. Send Maryann a message today!


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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