The Concepts of Love and Infatuation When Dating Latin Women

Latin women are extremely beautiful and most guys tend to become attracted to them. In the western side of the globe, more and more Americans and Canadians are becoming convivial to Latin women than Latin men dating their own race.

If there is one thing about dating women from Latin America, especially those who availed for Latin mail order brides, it is whether the end of it all is love or infatuation.  Many serious dating sites have offered matchmaking technologies to find someone you’ll match, but none can pinpoint whether the connection established between the two is either love or mere attraction or infatuation.

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More often with Latina dating, there is this special preference among men whether they seek for mature Latin women who can get along with their hobbies and interest. However, with online dating sites, men prefer good looking young women. Some have even looked towards finding beautiful Colombian women because they have better display photos on their profiles.

Nonetheless, knowing and understanding the essence of online dating to the concept of love and infatuation is a good way to prepare oneself before establishing connections to anyone they found online. It is a nice move for one who is new to online dating to know first what he is looking for in a partner. For that, it will start off with knowing the definitions of love and infatuation and understand their differences.

Defining Love and Infatuation

Merriam-Webster tells us that love is “a strong affection for another … affection and tenderness felt by lovers” while infatuation is “inspired with a foolish or extravagant desire for affection.” In these definitions, we can define each according to the level of affection, wherein love has a deeper and more meaningful affection towards one’s partner than mere infatuation.

In online dating, today’s generation is more inclined to short-term dating rather than long-term relationships. Most of them are simply looking for someone to hook up for the night rather than finding someone who they can share a meal or go out together as an official couple. Sadly, love is less important to most online dating finders nowadays, and they are more contented in being attracted to someone.

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What is the Difference between Love and Infatuation?

Why is there even a need to differentiate love and infatuation? Especially with Latina dating, most of them have their own preference when it comes to seeking their guy partners. To be honest, beautiful Latina girls may want to have a long-term boyfriend and some mature Latin women prefer casual dating or short hook-ups. No one can really tell whether most people in dating are really into relationships or simply want a night of cuddling or more.

Love has a long-term construction of relationships but is a stronger foundation that makes two dating individuals become more in love with each other. Infatuation is a simple surface touch of a relationship. It is all about a shallow desire for affection but does not want it longer or does not expect it to last long. Love is a better foundation in a relationship while infatuation is for mere flings or short romance with someone you may or may not really love.

Can Infatuation end up in Love?

There is no guarantee that infatuation can be love, but love will never end up with infatuation. If love is true, it does not break down or be destroyed by simple distractions. Infatuation can easily get distracted and will lead to one seeking up for another through becoming attracted to other beautiful Latin women even if you are with one. If there is something true about love, it is that the feeling of being in love can be determined through the test of time.  more

How about marriages? Are all marriages born out of love or will some of them breed out of infatuation? We could not really tell whether all marriages are defined by love. Latin mail order brides are surely a piece of infatuation, but there could be a possibility that it could end up in love. Nonetheless, most of them are only infatuated with the idea of marriage but does not concern the requisites of romantic love.


We could no longer tell nowadays whether love can exist over the mass infatuation of the society over idealistic romance or quaint dating practices that include hooking up or having sexual relations or both. However, there is always hope for a man like you to find the woman of your dreams, someone who could religiously take good care of you. Beautiful Colombian women from chat online Colombia platforms are even known to be a loving wife to their partners. Who knows? There is nothing wrong with dating, but it can be treated with serious intentions about finding someone who you can and will love you genuinely and deeply for the rest of your life.

But can love be found among beautiful Latina girls? A number of American, Mexican, and African guys have been engaged in finding Latina hot girls on dating sites; some have been successful while others haven’t been yet. Nonetheless, knowing whether Latina dating is the way to a happy partnership is not sure. It may either become a concrete love story or a mere fling and infatuated connection. Infatuation can be your thing, but it is best to consider finding someone to date for a lifetime.


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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