These 3 Latin Women Who Love to Drink Are Single And Down For Some Fun!

Let’s face it – women or men – we all drink alcohol occasionally. Some of us drink more, some less.

Whenever you see beautiful latin women say on an online dating website that they “NEVER” drink, it’s not necessarily true.

That because for a lot of stunning gorgeous women, drinking is somewhat of a taboo, as they believe no man wants to be dating a girl who drinks.

But here’s a deal breaker: your man is going to find out about you sipping on margaritas every weekend or indulging in a bottle of champagne while you take hot bath sooner or later anyway.

Well, these 3 gorgeous lationo girls aren’t afraid to admit that they indeed enjoy drinking every now and then, and it’s not like they aren’t getting messages because of it!

In fact, multiple studies have proved that people who seek partners online are more likely to be attracted by people who are capable of openly admitting online about their occasional drinking.

So hurry up, these 3 beautiful stunning girls won’t be single for long – message them while they’re available!

beautiful latin women

Alejandra, 24

Alejandra speaks little English, but she is an outgoing woman who signed up on LatamDate to find her perfect match.

If you’re looking to chat with colombian girls who are fun and passionate, then Alejandra may be your best choice.

Alejandra is always down for some fun, as she drinks on occasion and describes herself as a “happy” and “relaxed” person.

While you’re probably aware of the stereotype that most beautiful latin american ladies can have those mood swings every now and then, Alejandra says her rare changes of mood won’t affect your relationship, as it’s “nothing too extreme.”

If you want to impress Alejandra on a first date, you better take her out to a restaurant, watch a movie… or be more creative and go for hiking activity together – because this gorgeous Latin girl enjoys all of the aforementioned.

Alejandra is a very petite girl and you will be able to easily sweep her off her feet (no experience with lifting heavy weights required).

In fact, she’s so petite that you’ll be able to lift up both her and a dog (Alejandra loves pets, btw!). Now that you’re intrigued, Alejandra weighs only… *image a drum roll sound effect in your head* 42 kg!

meet latina women

Daniela, 22

Given that you’ve probably browsed through hundreds of latin women images online, trust me on this one: you’ve never seen a Latin girl as stunning as Daniela.

Like many other beautiful stunning girls out there, Daniela speaks little English, but if you signed on LatamDate to meet latina women, you’re probably prepared for a little bit of language barrier.

If you like to chat with single girls online before asking them out on a first date, then be sure that Daniela won’t give you no trouble, as she says she’s not a rude person and she doesn’t like to argue.

Daniela is one of very few of beautiful latin women who openly admit on online dating websites that she drinks “frequently.” Given that drinking is not a problem for you – or else, you wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place – hurry up to contact Daniela!

Daniela describes herself as a “caring, sincere and kind lady who is always honest.” And you know what they say about such women? Everybody is dying to date a woman like that!

You know what that means? Don’t sit around and say “Hi!” to Daniela online before she gets stolen from you!

 chat with single girls online

Tatiana, 22

It’s a rarity to see a blonde Latin girl. It’s even more rare to be dating one! Well, you have that unique chance to know what it’s like to be dating a blonde Latina girl.

Tatiana – a gorgeous angel with blonde locks – is looking for a serious relationship with a grown man.

Although Tatiana is only 22 years old, she describes herself as a “smart adult.” Tatiana speaks little English and can drink on occasion.

Before you message Tatiana in hopes that she says “Yes” to your offer to go out with you, here’s some information that you might want to know about Tatiana to impress her:

  • She loves cooking and traveling;
  • She enjoys watching movies and outdoor activities;
  • And she is passionate about reading books and playing music instruments.

That’s enough information to get you started – you can thank me later!


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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