These Are Science-Proven Reasons Why You (Desperately) Need to mingle with The Colombian Singles This Cuffing Season

As your clothing gets cozy, mornings become freakishly cold, and catchy Christmas jingles are playing in shopping malls on repeat, it becomes hard to resist the temptation to get into a relationship. Especially  there are a lot of Colombian singles around you.

If you’re nodding affirmatively, do know that the phenomenon when people tend to seek new relationships as temperatures drop is called cuffing season.Colombian Singles,Colombian dating website,

And it’s not just pulled out of thin air, as, first of all, you’re probably guilty of checking Colombian women dating websites more often at this time of year, and second of all, even science backs it up.

Fact: a 2015 study found that even men are 15% more likely to be seeking out some cuddling and spooning during winter months than at any other time of year.

And with Colombian dating website offering roughly infinite opportunities to meet Colombian singles, why not?! But let’s see what’s going on in your head when your body starts gravitating to human warmth during the holiday season.

Single winter months are rough

Going through holidays all alone may be… well, lonely. That’s why there is a significant drop in breakups during the holiday season, statistics shows.

If you’ve survived the Turkey Dump, which marks the largest number of breakups compared to all other times of year, it’s safe to say that your relationship will survive through the holidays even if you feel as if much of the passion has faded and things get rough.

That’s because nobody wants to get dumped during the holidays, let alone be the one who does the dumping. And given that lonely holidays can be unbearable for many hot south American women, winter months are your winning ticket to start dating Latin American women.

You need huggable warmth

Many beautiful women Colombia love the idea of snuggling up to a boyfriend, sipping on hot chocolate and watching romantic comedies on repeat when it’s snowing outside.

And studies suggest that the colder it gets outside, the more likely you are to look for psychological, physical and emotional warmth in another human being.

Teddy bears are great, but they won’t hug you back or kiss you on the forehead as you’re trying to get cozy and warm under a faux fur blanket. And any Colombian candy realizes it.

Colombian Singles,Colombian women dating,

That’s why thousands of Colombian singles storm Colombian dating website during winter months. They all desperately need warmth during cuffing season (so it’s your lucky chance if you’re looking for medellin women now).

In fact, a hot online chat with a stranger on Colombian women dating websites can warm your body from the inside even more than a hot cup of tea!

Your hormones get a little crazy

Believe it or not, but cuffing season and the obsession with giving and receiving love during winter boils down to your hormones.

When winter snaps its metaphorical fingers and forces hot south American women to wear cozy outfits, people are more likely to keep their favorite TV shows on the back burner just to fall in love with a stranger.

And while you may think that there’s something magical about it, there’s actually a reasonable scientific explanation for that. Turns out, testosterone levels rise sharply in both men and women during fall and winter.

That’s why they can’t resist the idea of holding someone’s hand while walking along beautifully decorated Christmas-themed streets and enjoying hot pumpkin spice latte (and getting intimate in the bedroom to exchange body heat and stay warm).

And, get ready to be blown away by what you’re about to read. Men actually find women’s bodies more attractive during winter months than in summer. What?!

Then why do beautiful women Colombia even bother achieving that bikini body for summer? But oh well, you can’t argue with science.

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Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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