They’re all over the internet: super-hot Russian ladies–but how can you meet them?

I was talking with a friend the other night in the bar. We were in our small town pub, like we are every Friday night, listening to the same tired songs on the same tired jukebox, watching the same boring couples dancing–you know the type: the ones who have been together since high school. The only single woman there that night was the bartender, a road-worn older woman with a rasping smoker’s cough and three ex-husbands. Nothing ever changes, at least not for her.

And on the television the sports news talked for a minute about a tennis match, showing footage of a couple of the hottest young female tennis players. You know the type: Six feet tall, legs that look even longer than that, lean, toned, tanned arms. And then there’s the faces.

beautiful Russian ladiesMy god, the faces on these beautiful Russian ladies! Sharp, chiseled cheekbones, ice-blue eyes, ready smile…

“Man,” said my friend, “I wouldn’t mind dating a girl that looks like that. I wouldn’t even mind the language barrier–after all, love is the international language!”

I didn’t bother reminding my friend that he’s too lazy to even update his profile on the dating apps–let alone get off his ass and meet women. Or how about this for a crazy idea, genius: maybe go the gym once in a while? Or dress in such a way that women might find you attractive?

But enough about my friend. Mainly, it occurred to me that he is not only lazy–he’s uninformed. He wouldn’t even know where to begin meeting single Russian ladies!

Here’s the thing though: Russian single ladies are just as motivated to meet us as we are to meet them. Not to be a vampire about it or anything, but have you seen the latest economic news about Russia? Believe me, there is an exodus going on right now. People of all types are looking for better opportunities elsewhere, and lots and lots of single Russian ladies are among them.

With minimal effort you can meet Russian ladies who are eager to meet American men–Russian ladies for marriage or dating.

single Russian ladiesYou would think the first step would be to get on the internet and start searching for websites advertising hot Russian ladies. But I personally disagree with this approach. If you’re serious about your quest to meet beautiful Russian ladies, rushing off headlong into the confusion of the wild, wild west that is the modern internet is perhaps not the best approach.

To me the most important thing you can do to prepare for your quest to meet Russian ladies is to have a good, solid idea in mind of what you are looking for. Are you seeking Russian ladies for marriage? Or are you just looking for casual dating? Your answers to these and other questions should inform the types of sites you sign up for.

Also, make sure you read up on whatever dating sites you are thinking about signing up for. You can usually find user comments and reviews from satisfied customers–or dissatisfied ones: does the site constantly have new profiles of real single Russian ladies? Do the guys who sign up actually get to meet Russian ladies?

These are important questions, if you are like me and you plan to do more with your desire to date Russian ladies than gaze longingly at their images on the screen.

In the end though, I think this is the most important factor: motivation. Stay motivated! If you find the right website, I think you will find that Russian and Eastern European girls are just as eager to meet you as you are to meet them!


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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