Tips for an Awesome Impression on First Date with Latin brides

Latin brides are most men’s dreams. From the beautiful way they blend manners with the Latin fire to the smile and the beautiful curves of their bodies, it is all on the positive note. What many men find a challenge, though, is how to get started and reach their hearts. If this is your case, don´t get anxious about it, we got your back with the ultimate guide on how to date Latin women successfully. Read on and follow these tips as this is pure know-how you need to learn right now.

single Latina womenNo second chances for a great first impression

Well, this is not the first time you are going to hear this line, but it is especially true about Latin wives. They are used to having men taking them out on amazing first dates and you should not be an exception. When it comes to dating for the first time, do some homework, get some info from her and prepare a surprise that meets her expectations. For example, if she is a foodie, then prepare a great night out including a hidden gem for a restaurant. If she loves dancing, take her to the best place in town to do some magic. Put her desires first in the list and prepare a night she will remember.

Feel comfortable and confident (pick the right place)

This might sound as a no-brainer, but there are many men out there who play their game the wrong way. If you are asking yourself how to date a Latina woman, the answer might be closer than you think; just bring her to a place that you feel comfortable and confident with. Again, you can do some work, do some field recognition and see what it is all about before bringing her to it. The importance of confidence in the eyes of a man when a woman looks at them is not to be underrated. Play your game and let her fall for you.

Listen, listen, listen

This can be considered a golden rule for dating Latin women and any other kind of woman in the world. Don´t underestimate the importance of listening to what they say and building a conversation based on it. Practice the listening part a lot, especially at the beginning of the conversation. This will definitely save you from other major mistakes like bragging about possessions, monopolizing the conversation and saying more than you want about a certain topic.

Don´t bring up your ex or your phonemeet Latin women

This is something you need to avoid at all times, and perhaps even more when having a date with Latin women for marriage. Bringing your ex into the conversation is opening the door to your past but also her past. This can lead to a very rough road in which you can be speaking about an unwanted topic for a long time. The same thing with your phone, if you take it out first to be busy with distracting apps, she might do the same and the first date can turn out to be a disaster. Avoid phones and exes, please.

Pick your clothes carefully

Dress to impress is the name of the game. Whenever you are talking to her on Latin American dating sites you can be on your pajamas on the couch, but not when meeting them for the first time. She is going to dress up for you and you can´t be wearing anything less than her. Dress to impress and also take into account the kind of place you are going to. Be accurate, pay special attention to colors and combine them the right way. There is no second chance for a great first impression.

Be on time, please be on time

Although Latins are not famous for being on time to their appointments when dating beautiful Latin girls honor them with your presence on time every time. Even you can get there a little early to check the terrain, get the perfect seats and get used to the environment. Make sure you are there when she arrives and don´t forget to comment on how beautiful she looks that night, she´ll be waiting for it.

Avoid closed questions, make a conversation

Not only when you meet Latin women, every time you are faced with this kind of the first-time date try to make a conversation asking open questions to get to know her better. If you find yourself asking some yes and no questions, revert your approach and learn as much as you can from her. Remember that all info she gives you can be used to make an even better second date or to research on a topic for the next time you have a meaningful conversation. Don´t miss this opportunity with closed questions, listen, learn and apply.

Conclusion – Just have fun!

Finally, this is the most important thing when dating single Latina women: having a lot of fun. Latina blood is pure fire; they are very used to having a lot of fun all the time. She´s going to be very picky about this and it will also contribute to your confidence and enjoyment. Be ready to have a lot of fun, be yourself and go straight for her heart; following these tips there is no way you can miss.


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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