September 28, 2022

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Ukraine Brides: What Pictures to Ask From to Spice Up LDR

Ukraine brides
Ukraine brides are becomng increasingly popular these days; however what picture to ask from will spice up the LDR? Read on!

Nowadays, you can find love almost anywhere, including online platforms. In fact, online dating websites have made finding potential Ukraine brides more possible, even from another country.

However, one thing you can expect when you look for a long-term partner through free Ukrainian dating sites is that you will most likely be in a long-distance relationship with your future bride.

In this case, sending photos can help keep the relationship strong and thriving despite the vast distance. Moreover, these photos don’t need to be sexual in nature. In fact, even simple photos like what they ate today can already do wonders for your relationship.

Overall, long-distance relationships can fail with neglect. Therefore, if you want to keep the partner you met on an online dating site, then you need to start valuing the “little things.”

With that said, to give you an idea, here are some fun photo ideas you can request from your long-distance partner.

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A Selfie

Let’s start with the simplest type of photo that will send butterflies to both your stomachs – the classic selfie. One of the things people tend to miss about their long-distance partners is their facial features – how the corners of their mouths curve to a smile, their dimples, their beauty marks, and how their eyes glimmer under the sun.

So, if you’ve got yourself a beautiful, kind, and hot Ukraine girl, it can be a good idea to hit her up with a cute message telling her how much you miss seeing her face every day and ask her to send you a selfie.

Not only does doing so can spice up your relationship, but it can also boost your girl’s self-esteem, making her feel more loved and remembered. In fact, sending selfies to you may even become a daily routine that the two of you can look forward to!

A Goofy Photo Of Herself

Of course, aside from a selfie, you can also ask her to send a goofy photo of herself. In fact, if you’re in a relationship with someone who is both humorous and loves to mess around, this one is for you.

You can even initiate it by sending a silly photo of yourself first and challenging her to do the same. If she sends a sillier picture, you can say you got yourself a keeper. Moreover, seeing who can make the worse face can be a fun game, especially when both of you have nothing else to do.

Aside from this, this can help move you up a level after the awkward stage in dating and make the two of you feel more comfortable with one another, given that you have already seen each other make ugly faces. After all, nothing beats a good laughing session with your partner.

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A Photo Of Her Current Outfit

If your bride from Ukraine is fond of dressing up and doing her makeup, complimenting her style can help add some magic. So, if she plans to go out with friends, you might want to try asking her for a mirror selfie of her outfit of the day, then go ahead and compliment her choices.

In fact, you can even try suggesting something like making her wear an outfit of your favorite color or style an outfit with a top you gave her; your partner will love this.

After all, just the simple act of supporting whatever she wants to wear and even putting in suggestions will motivate them to dress even more prettily every day so they can show you.

A Photo Of One Of Your Past Dates

Another activity you can do with the partner you met on an online Ukraine dating website is reminiscing the first few dates you had together. This allows you to remember how you felt that day, how much fun you had, how awkward it was, and why you’re staying despite the challenging times.

In this case, asking for photos of that day can be done very smoothly. You can even make plans to visit that same restaurant when the two of you meet again to relive the moment.

Aside from this, many questions from that experience may even emerge, such as what the two of you thought about that day, your first impressions, and the like.

Overall, these photos can revive a lot of memories you may have forgotten along the way, and what’s a better way to ignite the spark than to remember your first date?

A Classy Lingerie Portrait

Lastly, you have the classic lingerie photo. Remember, this does not mean your partner has to be completely bare. In fact, this portrait can serve as a reminder that you got yourself a goddess in the form of a Ukrainian bride to be.

So, a sexy yet classy lingerie pic that shows some yet not too much skin can be a fantastic way to increase the intimacy between you two. However, the best thing to remember is to ask her politely and respect whether or not she agrees to send one or not.


Overall, long-distance relationships, whether formed through a Ukrainian marriage agency or dating sites, can work. In fact, plenty of men have found their partners through these sites. So, if you’ve found yourself someone you’re willing to commit to fully, all that’s left to do is to make it work.

In this case, the photo exchanging activity is an excellent way for men to get comfortable with their Kiev women. However, it would be best always to remember that mutual respect is everything and that you must ensure that your partner is as comfortable with the idea as you are.