July 6, 2022


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Video Dating Is The New Hot Trend In Online Dating Russian Women

Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but online dating trends usually stay for years, especially when it comes to dating Russian women on international dating sites.

Online dating has been around for decades, and while the fact that technology allows you to chat with a Russia sexy girl online from across the world is still pretty incredible, online dating sites are embracing the new hot trend: video dating.

Wait, what? Video dating?

Yep, you read that right. Video dating. As the technology on our smartphones continues to improve at an exponential rate – and taking a high-quality, Full HD video with your phone or connecting with Russian women through a built-in webcam in your smartphone is no longer a pipe dream – dating sites expand their features accordingly.

videochat RussianMany international online dating sites already have the video chat option, but leading sites such as CharmDate now helps connect the hearts of Russian babes and foreigners using the video introduction feature. With this revolutionary feature, men are now able to find, meet, and date Russian girls faster with more transparency and no more first-date surprises. On top of that, video dating is more fun than texting!

Here, let us give you even more reasons why you should videochat Russian ladies more often and watch more video on Russia women dating profiles when browsing through online dating sites.

Benefits of video dating as an online dating trend in 2018

The process of finding and connecting with Russian sexy girls is much faster. People who have to write texts in their dating profiles usually spend hours or even days thinking about the perfect, snappy, concise, and witty description of themselves. They want to stand out from the crowd and not alienate potential suitors at the same time, which is… well, impossible.

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And video dating solves this problem with a snap of its fingers. Russian girls hot no longer have to figure out the perfect description and list all of their hobbies, interests, and talents. Using the video introduction feature, Russian women can simply upload a video of themselves that would best describe who they really are.

For foreigners, meanwhile, navigating dating profiles would be much easier, as they would no longer have to read those long texts trying to figure out whether they like this girl or not. Instead, they would need to watch a short or medium-length video to see if there could be any chemistry between them.

No more first-date awkwardness. Or at least significantly less awkwardness on first dates. You may or may not know this, but if you have face-to-face interactions (thus, videochats) with your date prior to your first physical date, there will be much less awkwardness when you meet. Both the video introduction and videochat features can help you alleviate some of that awkwardness so that you can truly enjoy your first date.

You can get to know the Russia sexy girl better. As you let your fingers rest from all the typing, spending quality time in a videochat or exploring video introductions on ladies’ dating profiles can help you get to know the lady much better than viewing Russian babes pics. That’s because a video can tell much more about how lady looks like in real life, what she is like outside of the online dating world, and what her interests and hobbies are than some brief description and Photoshopped photos on her profile.

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Speaking of Photoshopped photos… There will be much fewer surprises when you meet in person. You see, many Russian babes resort to (way too much of) Photoshop before uploading their pics on social media or dating profiles. A video introduction can solve this problem once and for all so that the ladies you meet in person truly look like the person you were chatting with online.

Videos are unique. By its nature, a video can capture much more than even hundreds of photos – the way a girl moves, talks, laughs, dances, walks… A video allows you to get a much better idea of what a girl looks like in person. A photo is just a one-second ideal (and often, Photoshopped) reflection of a person, while even a 3-second video can be a limitless source of real and authentic “portraits” of that person. And the best part is that each time you watch the same video, it learn something new, because it’s an endless exploration of the beauty.

It’s much more fun. Whether you are watching a video introduction or are videochatting with a lady online, let’s face it: it’s much more fun than reading those boring and emotionless texts and viewing motionless pics. A video allow you to see the girl’s emotions, and it’s a priceless expression of who we really are.charmdate