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What do You Think of A Ukraine Bride Taking the First Move in a Relationship?

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Seen from a perspective of a single man, what do you think of a Ukraine bride taking the first move in a relationship?

What do you think if a Ukraine bride makes the initial move in a relationship? Do you enjoy a strong female lead? Do you think it’s emasculating or sexy and confident? Do you think women have to be passive and wait for their men to initiate contact? There are some common facts when it comes to talking about who should make the first collision in a romantic relationship.

Why Men Love It When Women Make The First Move

Some men might find it awkward when a Ukraine mail order bride explicitly expresses what she wants to them. This is especially true for the more conventional men. Still, a lot of men enjoy it! For once, they want to relieve some of their own pressure by not having to worry about initiating the first text, call, or date. Actually it’s very advantageous for men if a Ukraine bride makes the first move in a romantic relationship, for the following reasons.

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  1. Most of Men Take It As A Compliment
    In general, compliments are very rare for men. Guys don’t praise each other as much as you might see in the real world. That a Ukraine bride to initiate the first move is therefore likely the most flattering compliment you may ever receive.
  2. It Takes The Pressure Off Men
    Anyone who has ever been in an online-dating-Ukraine relationship knows how difficult it can be to express your emotions, especially when you’re not sure if they will be returned. People also don’t want to be burdened with the responsibility of initiating contact, nor the anxiety that accompanies it. If a woman makes a first move, she doesn’t think too much and just go for it.
  3. It Shows That She Can Be In Charge
    Men like courageous Ukrainian single women, whether it’s about a first kiss or just asking someone out on a date. In fact, if she’s willing to put a thought into it, she’ll get extra points. As long as she doesn’t do it in a creepy way, he’ll surely be happy with it.
  4. It Triggers Curiosity
    Men may say that, particularly if the Ukrainian girl is someone they don’t know, they would be a little taken aback and wary of her making a move on them. But for others, the more audacious the move, the more intrigued they would be. Men don’t necessarily like wild women, but when a woman expresses her desire in a direct manner, they can experience a wave of affection.
  5. It Enhances the Confidence of Men
    If a Ukraine bride asks you out on the best Ukrainian dating sites, she might find you attractive and enjoy your personality. That she takes the first move in this relationship to some extent gives you a confidence and ego boost, as it really helps the relationship develop, especially seen in a long run perspective.
  6. It Saves Men from Rejection
    In the old-fashioned side of the world, men typically become hunters when they meet Ukrainian woman. But although all of the pursuits can be exciting, they can also be risky as well. After all, guys are also human with frail egos. Therefore, it’s a huge comfort to them that they won’t have to deal with the potential blow to his self-esteem should you decline his interest.
  7. There Are Shy Boys Out There
    For some men, having a Ukraine bride take the lead could be exactly what they need to overcome their shyness. A confident woman will put these guys at ease, and they will be delighted to watch as they take the lead. Also, when a woman is willing to risk rejection, men will know that she’s a person who can be susceptible and fight for what she is interested in.
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Has The Norm Really Changed?

However, it doesn’t seem like heterosexual relationships with Ukrainian brides have totally deviated from established norms. For example, most men still refuse to date women who earn (significantly) more than them. According to a 2019 study, men are pleased when both partners make financial contributions, but they still much rather be the main breadwinners.

Men who are the only providers for their families seem to be less stressed when their spouses make up to 40% of their own income. However, as their spouse’s pay rises above that threshold, their anxiety levels rise even more. And the most challenging scenario for them is when they are totally reliant on their partners for financial support.

Men who intentionally choose to be partners with well-paid women are the exception. It doesn’t seem like these men experience greater emotional turmoil when their partners have higher incomes. Since they don’t choose their partners at random, these men are already aware of the income gap possibility and all the issues related to it.

The Takeaway

Every man would appreciate having a Ukraine bride work things out once in a while. In fact, experts agree that the notion that a man should initiate intimacy is already obsolete. Although traditional gender roles may have dictated that women should patiently wait for men to make the first contact, it appears that men are pleased with this new norm.

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