Why do American men want to marry Russian brides?

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t met her myself.

My friend–let’s call him Erik–had never had much luck with the ladies. He’s kind of a shy guy, an accountant, truth be told. And he’s got all the stereotypical traits: awkwardness, nervousness, complete lack of chill, the tendency to clam up around strangers–especially strange women.

So when he called me a couple weeks ago and told me he wanted to meet up with me for drinks and introduce me to his new girlfriend, I was skeptical to say the least.

Imagine my surprise when Erik came bouncing into the bar with a tall, willowy blond–nearly as tall as him–with killer blue eyes and great smile. Just a stunningly attractive woman.

Russian mail-order bridesA woman who was clearly way, way out of Erik’s league.

“Dude! I want you to meet Ekaterina,” he said, grinning from ear to ear.

Well, we made small talk and had a few beverages, and Ekaterina in her broken but adorable English explained that she was from a small town about a hundred miles from St. Petersburg.

Without thinking, I blurted out, “What, are you one of those Russian mail-order brides? Haha!”

Well, Erik looked mortified. But Ekaterina, without missing a beat laughed and said, “Yes, this is true. This is something that you could say.”

After she had excused herself to go to the restroom, Erik–once he had gotten over being annoyed with me–explained that indeed he had met Ekaterina through a Russian brides agency.

Well, I was stunned, first off because my awkward, geeky friend seemed to have met the perfect woman. But secondly, I was shocked because he had met her through a Russian brides online website.

Needless to say, I was intrigued–and not just with Ekaterina’s shape as she crossed away from us through the bar. But the more research I did, the more I came to find that Russian brides looking for marriage and dating with American men is not uncommon at all these days. A quick search will bring up all kinds of potential Russian brides’ photos, and websites advertising beautiful Russian brides.

beautiful Russian bridesBut what about the cost? Surely Russian mail order brides cost a lot of money to arrange. And surely it can’t be an easy process–where on earth would you begin to look for sexy Russian brides on your own?

Luckily, according to Erik and to my research online, there are plenty of reputable websites out there who will take care of all the details for a reasonable fee. You can scan through hundreds of Russian brides’ photos, read all about their background and their desires, what they’re looking for in a man.

But first things first! The search for just the right lady begins with seeking out just the right website. The first thing to look for is a site that has a good reputation with users. You can do a search and find out what users think of a website, through sites that offer reviews and comments on other websites.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is Russian brides websites that cycle through new girls regularly. There’s nothing worse than going on a dating site and seeing the same old tired faces week after week.

Finally, Erik and Ekaterina told me you should read the girls’ profiles carefully on any online Russian brides agency. After you do this for a while, you will start to be able to weed out the obviously fake websites from the genuine profiles.

Because believe me, there are real Russian girls out there looking to meet American men–just ask my friend Erik!


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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