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11 Weird Ways to Know Someone Doesn’t Like You As Much As You Think

Are you interested in someone and wondering if she’s interested to you too? Well, there are signs you should watch out for as they obviously convey hidden messages. If you like Chinese women and you want to know if she likes you too, then you need to know how to spot someone who does not like you. These are the following:

the Chinese lady#1 She shows no effort to be around you

Beautiful Chinese women will make you feel important. This is the first sign that a woman is in to you. If she really wants you, she will show it. You can see it in her action. Effort is a big word when it comes to dating. If she is not spending time with you, then by now you know the answer.

#2 She does not listen when you talk

Chinese hot sexy girls are great listeners, especially if they are interested in you. If you are dating a hot and sexy Chinese girl and she does not seem to listen to what you are saying, then it only means one thing, she does not like you. You have to be very careful in noticing this sign. A woman who likes you will remember what you said even if it is a week or month ago. If she can’t recall a simple conversation, then it is time for you to accept the fact that she might not be interested in you.

#3 She does not care about your relationship with others

Past is past. It is where it should be, in the past. However, the Chinese lady who is interested in you can’t help asking about your past relationship. At first, you might think that it is just out of curiosity. In reality, she just wants to know your preferences. If she does not care about your past relationship, then it could be an indicator that she is really not into you.

#4 She treats you the same as everyone else

If you like someone, your treatment to her will be different from the rest. There is always that special treatment, actions and words you only show to the person you are most interested with. If you meet Chinese woman and her treatment to you is the same as everyone else, then most likely there is no spark. She is not into you. It might as well know this thing early than regret later.

#5 She is not curious about your life

If you like someone, you become interested in what they do. You become curious about her life. You want to know more about her such as her hobbies and even her dreams and goals in life. If your girl does not ask you any of these questions, then it could be a sign that she does not like you.

#6 She tells you she is interested in other men

Most women are straightforward. If they like someone, they will tell it right away. You could be very interested in her, but it does not mean she is interested in you too. It’s up to you to use your charm to make her want you. If she tells you that she is interested in other men, then it’s time for you to give up. If you really like her, then it’s time for you to put you’re A game.

#7 She never contacts you

A girl who’s into you won’t miss a chance to contact you. She will make you feel like she wants to keep in touch with you and make you part of her life. If she never make any phone calls, then that’s a sign for you to move on.

#8 She plays around

Chinese hot sexy girlsSome women love to play around. She flirts with almost everyone she meets. If she is the flirty type, and you are looking for a serious relationship, then you should stay away from this kind of woman.

#9 She does not make time

If you are important to her, she will always find time no matter how busy her life is.

#10 She always makes excuses

You invited her out and she refused. You invited her again, but then again, she came up with another excuse. Move on. She does not like you.

#11 You will feel it

If there is a woman instinct. There is also a gut feel for men. You will just know right there and then if a girl likes you.

How to date Chinese women? Well, you have to be true. You have to be straightforward, but at the same time be respectful. If you want to date Chinese girl, then you can find a lot of them at Asian dating sites. For your dating to go on smoothly, you should first know how to date a Chinese woman.