3 Single Asian Girls That Love Wearing White (Which One Do You Like the Most?)

No doubt: there’s something about the combination of dark hair of Asian girls and white clothes that attracts every man’s attention.

Not to mention that wearing white outfits brings out every nice Chinese girl ‘s snow-white smile. We can’t help but notice that an increasing number of gorgeous Chinese girls choose to wear white clothes on their dating profile pics.

And it works! Those Chinese mail order brides who wear white do receive many messages and views (it probably has something to do with the fact that white clothing is more likely to catch an average online dating user’s eyes than black).

Today, we’ve rounded up three single and pretty Chinese ladies who take advantage of the powerful combination dark hair + white clothing.

Alice, 19

nice Chinese girl

If you look at this Chinese girl gallery, you’ll notice that Alice is quite a fan of white outfits! And we must admit: white really does look great on her!

Alice signed up on AsiaMe to find a foreigner who would explore this world with her. Speaking of white… Chinese women white men make adorable couples!

Although Alice is young – only 19 – this attractive Chinese woman already knows what she wants from life. She is a loving and caring Chinese girl with a sweet heart.

As if it wasn’t enough to convince you to start dating Alice right away, the Asian beauty continues that she is also a calm, optimistic, confident and romantic girl.

That’s quite a package! Moreover, Alice is an artistic woman, as she loves drawing beautiful pictures. One day, she may even draw a portrait of you!

If you can’t take your eyes off Alice’s cute eyes and smile (we can’t!), don’t miss your chance to meet her today. She’s quite active on AsiaMe – so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to chat and get to know each other.

Kitty, 20

meet Chinese women

Ladies and gentlemen, we have to admit: if there was a contest among gorgeous Chinese girls on AsiaMe, Kitty would definitely make it to Top 3.

Kitty is quite a tease. In her bio description, she let’s you know that she’s no easy prize to win. If you’re looking to meet Chinese women like Kitty, be warned that you will actually have to put some effort into online dating.

This attractive Chinese woman drops a hint on how to get a date with her: she must like you and you should have lots of hobbies in common.

For your information, Kitty’s interests are: traveling, dancing, watching movies, sports, reading, shopping and others (check out the full list here).

Kitty works in advertising and she frequently appears on TV in various ads. In fact, you may actually get a glimpse of her on Chinese TV every now and then (so tune in to watch Chinese television channels in your free time!).

Kitty is the kind of Chinese girl that won’t let you have her easy. Are you up for a challenge? Are you ready to impress this Asian beauty with your communication skills? Then send Kitty a message (and make sure your opening line is personalized).

Carol, 26

attractive Chinese woman

Last but not least: Carol, a gorgeous Asian brunette wearing a sexy white top.

Carol is looking for her true savior, as this nice Chinese girl can’t endure the loneliness of being single any longer! The stunning Asian girl is looking for a man who would light her up with a flame of passion.

Carol is a quite poetic girl, as she wrote a piece of her poem as part of her bio description. We’re pretty sure that speaking to her will be an enjoyable experience.

In fact, if you happen to be good with the words yourself, you may have extra brownie points to impress Carol in an online chat.

With Carol, you can be sure to have a passionate relationship neatly packed with heat, warmth and passion… isn’t she a perfect choice for the looming cold days that won’t spare lonely hearts?

Cuddle up to Carol and make her feel your warmth by sending her a message on AsiaMe.single women online