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4 Things You Think Matter For Your Girlfriend But They Don’t

When free dating chinese ladies, there are 5 things you think your girlfriend cares about, but she doesn’t.

Free dating in china has been plagued by several stereotypes, which foreign men seem to believe in. When dating beautiful chinese women, foreigners are trying too hard to impress them.

But the things men do don’t seem to impress chinese girls, not even the slightest. That’s because there are 5 stereotypical things you think matter for your girlfriend… except they don’t.

#1 The size of your penis

In the world where every beautiful chinise girl in porn seems to be enjoying sex only from big penises, and in the world where men seem obsessed with the size of their package, it may be a shocker that the size of your penis actually… doesn’t… matter.

Having a big penis doesn’t mean being good in sex and being able to please the woman. If you want a chinese girl easy orgasm every time you have sex, you don’t need a big penis.

Being a passionate partner during panty-dampening foreplays, knowing how to please her with your tongue and knowing the right sex positions is what scores you BIG sex points.

Besides, you probably know that it can be rather painful for petite chinese mimi girls to take big penises. There’s nothing pleasurable about sex when you have to hold back tears from pain. Trust me.

#2 The size of your wallet

beautiful chinise girlI hate to break it to you but your six-digit salary isn’t really a major panty dropper for a beautiful chinise girl unless, of course, she’s a gold digger.

Chinese girls are raised to be strong and independent. And while traditional China culture says Chinese women should be the source of love and care, while men should be the source of financial income, this seemingly eternal rule is losing its popularity in free dating in china culture.

Sure, having a stable and bigger-than-average income is a huge plus, but no need to think that chinese girls will line up to be with you just because of your huge wallet.

It’s much sexier for beautiful chinese women to be with a humble, smart man who isn’t chasing a six-digit salary, than to be dating a complete moron with money. A moron with a big wallet is still a moron after all.

#3 Your muscles and height

sexy chinese girlWhile it may seem that every petite chinese mimi girl is seeking to melt in the arms of a buff and tall guy two times her size, it’s not necessarily true.

While height may be a pre-selection factor among some chinese girls vs indian girls – who are usually short themselves – even shorter guys are able to pick up beautiful chinese girls.

The same goes for huge, muscular fellas who think just because they have big muscles on their chest and arms every chinese girl easy to get into pants. Not really.

Chinese girls care more about how a guy treats her and how much he loves her. You can’t build a family on muscles and tall height alone.

If you don’t believe, read any review from guys who’re happily dating or are married to beautiful chinese women. Some of the reviews can be quite inspirational and stereotype-breaking.

#4 Keeping in mind little details

You’ve probably read this numerous times: “If you don’t keep little details in your head, your girlfriend will dump you.”

free dating chinese ladiesForgetting little details is natural – there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s a myth that your girlfriend cares about your ability to memorize every tiniest details – from her favorite song to the exact time and date you two had ice cream together for the first time.

What your beautiful chinise girl cares about is for you to always remember how she’s wired.

The things you should never be forgetting is what kind of coffee she drinks every day, or that you should never buy food with peanuts because she’s allergic to them, or that you should never call her from work before 10am, because she’s not a morning person.

Those are the things that actually matter to her.