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There is a saying that a saying that, ‘age is just a number’ but there are people who attach more to it. When some foreign women go dating in china, they are very concerned about the age of the Asian girls. Though I am yet to understand the fuss but one thing that is clear is that it is very rare to find couples that are age mates; the difference is always there no matter how small (even if you are age mates, the chances that you were born in the same month and day is closer to zero). If age different bothers you a lot, the following tips should be able to help you get over it.

1) Age does not guarantee anything so it shouldn’t bother you
Asian girlsOne of the few things you should know is that age does not guarantee anything. You can have a china woman who is young at age but in behavior, acts better than some adults when faced with a tough choice. The whole idea of age is nothing that should keep you up at night because it is not in any constitution that marriage partners must be of the same age. Love conquers all and if you truly love to date Chinese women, you can never rule out that age difference is a possibility and should not be the definition of your love.

2) Women will always want to get married faster than men
No matter how you put it, in Chinese American dating, there must be age differences. One of the reasons why this difference will always be is that women are in the rush to get married because of their biological deadline (menopause). As early as in their late teen, they begin to sign up for online dating (for those that are hoping to have foreign suitors). Men, on the other hand, are more relaxed because they remain viable all their life. On this note, men begin serious relationships in their late twenties and by then, they will meet younger women.

3) Have a mental picture of what you really want
What do you really want; to date Chinese girls or to compare your age with that of Chinese women? If the former is your target then get on with it and play down the age difference which is off your control but if the latter is the reason why you spend so much time and money on dating websites then you really need to rethink proper ways to invest your time and money because it is not worth it. It is sad to start things and have them stuck midway. It is good to think things through before ever starting.

Chinese American dating4) Find qualities in her that will make you appreciate her
If only we all had the power to mold who we want and how we want them, then you can make your beautiful Chinese date be as perfect as a mannequin and probably fix her age too. But since we do not have such powers, we can only appreciate what we get. The best thing I think every man should do in such a situation is to move on if they don’t seem comfortable with the age difference. It is better than making a case over what you cannot change.

5) You can always use the door when you cannot cope anymore
Finally, know when the Chinese hot girl is not for you and call it a quit. The truth is that not all relationships will last forever. If you are not comfortable with a relationship, there is no point trying to hold on. That situation can be compared to wearing really tight clothes; you can accomplish a little in them.