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7 Things You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of In Relationship

Finding a chinese bride can be tough, but maintaining a relationship or marriage with a hot chinees girl is even tougher.

hot chinees girlWhile people universally praise being in a relationship with the person you like or love, they often don’t tell that you’re not 24/7 comfortable in a relationship.

Especially if you’re in a new relationship with a hot chinees girl, there are a number of things you can be ashamed of or try to hide.

While opening up about these things seems very scary, trust me on this – they’re super important for a long-term relationship.

Hiding the following 7 things you shouldn’t be ashamed of in relationship can ruin your relationship in the long run or result in divorce.

And I don’t need to give you divorce statistics among beautiful chinese women, you know the divorce rate is high…

#1 Your phone

Stop hiding your phone from your girlfriend just because you’re afraid that she might read your texts from past relationships or for any other reason.

Covering up texts and not leaving your cellphone with your partner when you’re not around comes off as suspicious that you might be cheating.

While this is not common in china dating culture for a girl to read your texts while you’re away, you don’t want your girlfriend make up all kinds of theories about your possible affairs.

#2 Having feelings for someone else or Having NO feelings for your partner

Speaking of cheating… The reason why people in relationships cheat is either because they have feelings for someone else or because they have NO feelings for their partner.

If you fell in love with one of the brides for sale in china, don’t be ashamed of telling your girlfriend the truth. Don’t leave her in the dark if you don’t have feelings for her or if you’ve cheated on her.

Cheating or the fact that you no longer love your partner always surfaces one way or the other. But do you really want to miserably spend months or years together, damaging both your and your partner’s lives?

Even if you’ve been watching chinese sexy girls video earlier and forgot to clear browsing history, don’t be ashamed of it! Hiding the fact that you watch porn can also damage your relationship and sex life.

chinese girls#3 Your jealousy

Chinese girls attract a lot of male attention (there are lots of sexy chinese photos on the Internet that serve as evidence of that). If you’re dating a hot chinees girl you’ve probably seen men giving her long, ‘I’m-falling-in-love-with-you’ looks.

Don’t hold it in you. Be open about your jealousy with your partner – it’s not something to be ashamed of. When two people are in love, it’s natural to feel jealous.

In fact, chinese girls think it’s super flattering when their man is jealous – it shows that he truly and genuinely loves her.

#4 Your dating history

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your dating history. Be open about who you’ve dated in the past and don’t hide the number of partners you’ve had in your life.

Although in china dating culture having too many sexual partners is kind of a taboo, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re open about your past partners as well as at what age you lost your virginity.

No need to hide how many beautiful chinese women you’ve dated before meeting her. In the 21st century, it can be quite challenging to marry a virgin, and that’s the harsh truth for some people.

Besides, you don’t want to be dating someone who judges you based on your past choices, right?

china dating culture#5 Your true self

If you have to wear a mask every time your partner is around, naturally you won’t feel comfortable in such a relationship.

While this can be challenging early on in a relationship – we naturally want to show ourselves better than we actually are in order to be loved – showing your true self is important and guarantees a healthy, long-term relationship.

That’s why you can see in live video sexy china girl being one person during meeting on online dating website, and then that Chinese girl turns out to be a completely different person when you meet her on first date.

You want to make sure your partner loves YOU, not your mask, to know that he or she is the one. You’re on a hunt to finding a chinese bride – the one that would love YOU – after all.

beautiful chinese women#6 Not liking something

If you don’t like something your partner does or you two do together, tell your partner about it!

If you don’t like her culture or food, be open about it. Pretending to like something when you actually hate every second doing yourself it or seeing your partner doing it takes a toll on a relationship.

Be honest when you don’t enjoy a certain activity that you do together – whether it’s long walks, watching TV together or traveling. Forcing yourself into liking something is unhealthy.

#7 Your future goals

If you want to retire in your 30s and dedicate the rest of your life to traveling, or you don’t want kids, or you want more than five kids in your family – it’s relationship healthy to share your future goals with your partner.

First of all, it’s important to get the support from your partner to reach your future goals. And second of all, your future goals may create problems in the long run and ruin your relationship or marriage if you don’t share them beforehand.

Be sure that he or she is the one to accompany you on the journey to your future goals!

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