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All my friends can talk about is dating Chinese women. What’s so great about dating Chinese girls anyway?

As everybody knows, these days in the world of the weird, wild web there is someone for everyone. Any type of person you can dream up, there is a niche dating website dedicated to dating that one particular type of person.

It might have started with the religion based sites like J-Date, or Christian Mingle. But these days dating niches are not limited to religion only. Not by a long shot. There are obviously gay and lesbian sites, dedicated to hundreds or even thousands of different body types and ages and kinks, there are sites for cross-dressers, furries–people who like to dress up as animals…you name it, its out there.

So why then if we are reaching an age of maturity with what we are attracted to and the very specific types of people we want to date, do we suddenly Chinese wifefind ourselves getting in trouble when it comes to dating people of a certain race?

We all have certain parameters our potential dates must meet if we are to go out with them; how many men have been told they aren’t tall enough? How many women have been turned down for being too fat?

This is reality: we like what we like. It may not be fair, but it is what it is.

And that being the case, I’m not going to shy away from saying I like an attractive Chinese woman more than just about anything in the world. Sexy Chinese girls just do it for me, what can I say? And there are reasons for that. There are certain cultural markers that make us attracted to this or that type of person–and that’s okay.

As long as we approach this kind of dating–that is, trying to get a date specifically with a Chinese girl based on cultural differences–with an open mind and don’t assume that every single girl we meet is going to be a certain way, with exactly the same characteristics, then its okay to realize and celebrate the differences we have.
So! With all that out of the way, here are a few reasons why dating sexy Chinese girls is awesome!

  1. Look at them! – Oh my god, can there be a more attractive type? Do a search for Chinese woman images right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. See what I mean? Long, lustrous black hair, beautiful clear skin, rich dark eyes? I would settle down and find a
    right now, if it didn’t mean I would have to stop dating all the rest of them!sexy Chinese girls
  2. Asian women age gracefully – This is not racism; this is reality. Different genes mean different things, and one of them is that if you’re thinking about marrying a Chinese girl, one thing you won’t have to worry about down the road is her getting prematurely old looking.
  3. Asian girls are well-mannered – Again, at the risk of stereotyping, this is generally true. Just as Texans are loud and New Yorkers are rude, there are cultural differences, that’s all. And I kind of like it.
  4. Asian girls are smart and well-educated – Obviously there are exceptions to every rule but come on…
  5. Asian girls are a great reason to travel – Family is often very important to Asian girls, and for this reason alone you could find yourself learning about another culture not just on dates and in conversation, but by actually getting invited to visit your girl’s family. And who knows, if you play your cards right, someday they might be your family too!