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Asian Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Partners (Why Is That?)

Women can be hard to understand, but this new study has just attempted to do just that. Turns out, Asian women are better off in relationships and marriages with men who are less physically attractive than them.

A new study has found that women are more likely to diet and maintain their physique with more attractive partners. On the other hand, hot young Asian girls with less attractive partners aren’t as obsessed with their diet and looks young Asian girls,Asian women,

This can be explained by the fact that a brunette or blonde Asian girl whose partner is more attractive is more likely to feel the obligation to diet and maintain her physique to minimize the risk of her partner dumping her for another, more attractive girl.


Why are women happier with less attractive men?

Researchers studied over 220 newlywed spouses to figure out their post-marriage motivations and goals. The study found that being married to a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives.

This is especially true if wives are average-looking or aren’t particularly attractive. Meaning: the obsession with one’s own looks has a direct link to their insecurities and fears of losing their partner.

This is true not only for white men Asian women couples, but can also be applied universally. For Asian women looking for white men, the consequences of being married to or dating handsome partners may be particularly negative.

That’s because both short and tall Asian women usually have lower self-esteem than girls of other races and nationalities. That’s why pretty much every Asian hot girl doesn’t mind dating average-looking men (they feel more comfortable and reassured in the relationship / marriage with less attractive guys).

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Are men happier with attractive or average-looking Asian women?

On the other hand, men whose partners are more attractive than them are less self-centered, and are more likely to be invested in their marriage to please their partner and keep her happy.

So this is a win-win situation for both hot young Asian girls and average-looking guys, who tend to be more committed in their relationship in order to not lose their partner.

The study is a major eye-opened to millions of men who tend to pass on the opportunity to message attractive Asian women on Asian dating website, thinking they are out of their league.

Turns out, just because ladies in Asian women pictures are beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean that they are seeking equally attractive partners. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: handsome guys may be ignored more often by women looking for a committed, long-term romantic relationship.

What does it mean for you?

The groundbreaking study is basically telling you to not be afraid to chat with hot Asian girls online. Just because a woman is stunning and you suspect her to have hundreds of suitors doesn’t mean that she is looking for a Ryan Gosling-type of man.

In fact, Asian women who have been in at least several relationships realize what kind of men they should be looking for. And most of the times, overly-handsome guys prove to be unfaithful, less trustworthy and romantic, less motivated to please their partner, and even too self-centered.

That means women who are looking for long-term relationships usually treat average-looking guys as more “fit” for a committed romance.

And the benefits of dating attractive girls, as noted in the study, are obvious to both men and women. Women have a faithful and invested-in-the-relationship partner, and men are happy to be in a relationship with a beautiful woman.

Even though the study says that attractive women dating less attractive guys are less likely to diet and maintain their physique, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a beautiful lady will stop caring about her physical appearance the second she gets married to an average-looking guy.

The truth is, as long as a woman feels loved and cared for, she will always be glowing and more motivated to be the best partner for her boyfriend or husband (and that means maintaining her beauty).