sexy Chinese women

Chinese New Year has come and gone, but it’s not too late to make some resolutions about dating Chinese women!

It’s the Year of the Monkey on the Chinese calendar, one of my favorites! People born in the year of the Monkey are thought to be quick-witted, successful, curious and mischievous. Also, it is said that their gentleness and honesty all but guarantee them a great love life!

And since the Chinese New Year has come and gone, I’m thinking it’s high time we all made some serious resolutions when it comes to our dating lives.

Winter in the northern hemisphere is so dreary and dismal, it’s usually a slow period for dating, at least for me. But this year I’ve decided to use the down time when all the girls are dressed up in multiple layers of winter parkas and when I’m battling the winter weight gain to make some resolutions.

sexy Chinese girlsAnd since I’m enchanted by Asian women, that’s where I’m going to focus my energy.

So if you’re anything like me, you find the allure of sexy Chinese girls irresistible. There’s something so tempting and heartbreakingly beautiful about their long, black hair and their shy smiles. If I could find an Asian bride this year, I could die a happy man!

But maybe in this time of self-examination and thoughtfulness about where we’ve been and where we’re going, we could all take a moment to really reflect on what that means to us.

Resolution #1: Drop the Asian stereotypes.
Now, look. There’s a reason guys like you and me love to date Chinese women. It is simply true that there are cultural and physical differences that make a Chinese lady more attractive to me than, say, a Caucasian girl from California. It’s just a fact: we are attracted to what we are attracted to.

But here’s the thing: we’re all individuals. We’re all different, now matter where we come from. Forming neat boxes about who a person is based simply on where they were born is ludicrous. For instance, I’m from the US. Does that mean I’m automatically fat, rich and uneducated?

(Well, the fat part we won’t get into, as I mentioned the winter weight earlier.) However as far as the rest of it, I am not uneducated or ignorant about the world around me. And I can promise you I’m not rich.

So is it any more fair for me to assume that if I marry a Chinese woman I’m going to get someone who is meek, submissive, and good at math? No. That’s ridiculous. So one good way to get a Chinese girl to like you is to expect better of yourself in the way you think about her.

sexy Chinese girls
Resolution #2: Get used to big families
It might sound this is an immediate contradiction to the above resolution, but really it’s not. While there are exceptions to every rule, generally, traditional Chinese families are big and widespread. And actually it’s not so much that there are so many more people in a traditional Chinese family, as that they are very much involved in each other’s lives. You should expect lots and lots of input from aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. But this is really not a bad thing! The support system there is so much broader than the diffuse, spread-out family structure you so often find in the states. Take advantage of it!

Resolution #3: Stop looking in bars
Guys seriously? There are so many Asian dating websites out there. this one should be a no-brainer!

Let’s celebrate the year of the monkey by being a bit more intelligent and creative when it comes to chasing after sexy Chinese women!