Asian dating

Hidden rules Americans should bear in mind when dating a Chinese

Not all rules are written on black and white. Some rules wait out, hovering in the air and their subtle presence can be felt no matter how dulled your senses have become. When it comes to interracial marriage, Americans are one interesting race that can easily marry any nationality without a hard second thought. For Chinese women, it is not always that easy because of obvious traditional limitations. These traditional restrictions is not read to beautiful Chinese women every day of their lives, rather, these rules have been imbibed in them through their upbringing.

Chinese ladies datingWhen dating outside your race, like when Americans attempt to go for Asian dating, it is paramount they try to understand the rules and etiquette of the race you are heading to in order to avoid landing in embarrassing situations. A good number of those unsung rules are highlighted below.

You need to be committed

Being a player is a big NO NO in dating Chinese women. Chinese ladies are very reserved and if they need to have anything to do with a man, they must have their eyes on the mark, marriage. Unlike in the western world where it is cool to be a player and guys would often sit in bars and chat and laugh about their sexual exploits, once an Asian woman discovers you are not cut out for marriage or have any reason to label you a player, she will flee for her dear life.

You should mean every word you say

It is OK for men to become all flattery in the western world. In fact, the person that made the saying that ‘girls are more drawn to what they hear than what they see’ must have had several encounters with western women. When Chinese ladies dating American men hear them say ‘I love you’, they will quickly translate it to ‘I want to marry you’. Too much flattery words may not also be the best when you are trying to build trust in Chinese dating. Always say what you mean and mean what you say because your China lady would.

You have to stick with her tradition

dating Chinese womenChina date sites have in a way begun to water down the need for westerners to learn the culture of the Chinese while attempting to date them. In the not so distant past, it never used to be so. It was considered rude for a man to gaze into a woman’s eyes for long because it certainly gets her uncomfortable. If you meet a China girl for marriage, you have to be formally introduced and this is often done through group dinner where the two of you will sit on same side of the table, separated by one or two other persons so it doesn’t appear like you are couples already. You are then introduced to the family meaning your visits will now be considered official and not provocative.

You need to be careful about what you talk about

Sex education is one practice that has received a huge resistance in the Asian world. Westerners talk about sex freely but this doesn’t apply to Chinese women who are more conservative and would consider the topic vulgar. Maybe the major reason why there is no need to talk about sex at all in China is because virginity is a prevalent practice and talking about sex may bring confusion to it. American men willing to date Chinese girls should bear this in mind. However, Chinese marriage sites have now made it easy for Americans to chat freely about sex with their Chinese date.