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How active is your date online and how does it affect you?

You have just hit a stellar conversation with this hot Vietnamese girl and you feel smitten by the conversation. You fell like she is the one you have been preparing for or waiting for all your life and you are smitten by the very thought of it. You could almost swear that you want to marry her but the problem is that you find her active each time you come online and you are wondering how many other guys she is testing.

dating with a Vietnamese girlIt is always disturbing when you are dating with a Vietnamese girl and you find her active even long after you are gone. A more terrifying thing is finding the courage to ask her about the status of your relationship. It would often fill your tummy with butterflies – although talking about your status and prospects is the most mature way of handling the situation.

However, you cannot blame beautiful Vietnamese girls if you are not the only one they are texting. If you have read a couple of online dating tips, one of the points that will keep reoccurring is that you should never put all your eggs in one basket – a little contrary to offline dating where that would be considered as being unfaithful to your partner.  Online and offline dating are two different worlds and you have to respect their separate rules each time you decide to fall for any of them.

The main reason why people are advised not to dig up the truth is because not everyone has the mental capability to handle the truth. When you have gone snooping around and discovers that the Vietnamese hot girl you have been dating was recently online, it is almost normal that negative feelings and thoughts will begin to pour into your heart out of fear and anxiety. You may begin to doubt how good you are, your capabilities, her trust, her feelings and so on and if left unchecked, this can cause a terrible ruin to your blossoming relationship.

hot Vietnamese girlThe world of online dating is like a big river. The way it is impossible to stop fishes of different species from coming in close proximity is the same why it would be to stop sexy Vietnamese ladies from hitting on other guys or vice versa even when you have been made to believe that you are the special one in her life. To maintain your relationship, you have to be guided by trust and keeping an open communication. It is OK and valid to have the negative feelings but it is what you do with them that really count.

You have to realize that whatever reason those negative emotions are welling up is all based on assumptions. You cannot conclusively tell why she came online unless you confront her and have it talked about. It may be that she came to check if you were online, or she just wanted to politely end other conversations she had with several other guys prior to connecting with you.

No matter what you do, never allow insinuations to define your actions – or you may find out that you were wrong after all. Relationship is built and strengthened by open conversations. It is best to talk about your grievances. Communication is not only about linking up but it helps in playing the dual role of helping all both partners to access how compatible they are.  Never be pressurized by your emotions to bombard your date with questions relating to trust. It will always be counteractive. It may make them begin to doubt you too. However, if both of you have come to an agreement and decide to be together, the best decision should be to shut down your profiles.