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How to not mess up chatting with a Russian girl

Nowadays, Russian girls spend more and more time in the Internet: buying stuff, working and chatting with people.If you’re a foreigner and are looking to meet Russian women, the Internet is your friend! But this friend must be treated reasonably and wisely in order to get the Russian woman of your dreams to respond to you.

1. First of all, the place where you are looking for a potential Russian wife matters a lot. A Russian dating site like RussianCupid or an international dating website like TourBar are fine, but according to our estimations, the sexiest Russian girls can be found on CharmDate.russian wife

Now that you know the perfect place to find Russian girls, let’s make a great profile for you so that Russian women respond to you.

2. Profile picture. Russian women always look at the profile picture of their potential husband. Therefore, your picture must reflect all your achievements and social status. Even if you’re not a perfectly-looking guy, it doesn’t matter – every man has something attractive in him.
And the most important thing is to present yourself the right way, since in the world of Internet, the first impression depends on your profile picture 100 percent of the times. So if you want to peak the interest of a Russian woman, a good profile picture is crucial, as the girl cannot see you and cannot hear your voice in the Internet.

3. When looking through your profile, a Russian girl must understand that she is about to reach new heights in her life and that you’re about to show her something exciting in life. The everyday life of an ordinary Russian girl is rather boring, which is why they are always looking for something fresh and exciting. Mention every detail about yourself that a girl would like. Russian women love sociable, interesting and confident russian girls

Use a sense of humor as well! No way should you mention any of your problems in your profile, Russian women are fed up with problems. Avoid phrases like ‘unemployed’, ‘I believe that the world will end soon’ or ‘I will chat with a beautiful girl but I don’t have enough money to visit you anytime soon’ and other phrases that make girls (and it’s not just with Russian girls in that regard) think that you’re a boring or weird person.

4. First message. If you’re a man, then you are the one who should make the first step in initiating a chat with a Russian girl online, because Russian women like confident men. Go through profiles of Russian women and choose the one who you’re attracted to the russian girls

Your goal is to write a message that would make her smile and encourage her to respond. To TRULY respond; not just respond with one-two words. So messages like ‘Hi, what’s up?’ should be out of your vocabulary when chatting with a Russian girl online.
What you need to do instead is to write a message consisting of 5 to 10 sentences. Before you write to her, examine her profile and focus on her interests. For example, if a Russian girl is passionate about travelling, make sure you mention something of your travelling experience in the first message.

If you do so, what do you get as a result? A Russian girl opens her mailbox, she sees a non-boring text and not a message with only ‘Hi!’ in it, she reads a cute message from a guy with a good-looking profile picture and an interesting profile, which reflects his optimism and the ability to enjoy life to the full, and she responds to your message. If you follow these 4 simple steps, no matter what your goal is – to meet Russian women for marriage or just a relationship, you’ll be able to finally meet the Russian girl of your dreams.