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How to stay single and happy!

You might have heard stories of couples that got their happy life ‘ever after’. Seeing them outside holding hands and laughing at the same things probably makes you smile too. Don’t just look at one side of the coin. There’s always more to look forward to. Being single has its perks too. You can derive personal joy and knowledge from anything as long as you put your heart into it. When you hear the word single in terms of relationship, don’t think it is such a bad thing – it’s not.

Even beautiful Vietnamese girls out there who have chosen to stay single and they’ll tell you some pretty amazing things about living such a life…most of which you never thought could be done individually. Well, look outside that bubble and see the great things that happen to you even if you don’t marry some sexy Vietnamese lady. Some of them are listed below and will tell you that you shouldn’t be so obsessed about marrying a Vietnamese girl.

sexy Vietnamese lady1. You get to explore more of yourself
Most of the times, the hardest person to love is yourself. The only place you will stay in till the end is in your own skin, so you might as well get comfortable in it. To do that, you need to be free of other’s worries and explore yourself instead. You’ll find facts about you that would have been harder to get at if you were committed to someone else.

2. Existing relationships reveal their importance
If you have a loving family and friends who love you and care about you no matter what happens, being with someone, as demanding as that is, will take away your time and focus to realize and appreciate the true worth of your family friends. By staying single, you get to give all these relationships due time, relationships that had been there for you since the start. You can just look at Vietnamese girls picture sometimes and enjoy your alone time. No harm in that!

3. Your independency matters too
Constantly having to commit to someone, having to include them in each every step you take for your own future – that can be tiring indeed. At the end of the day, all you have is yourself. So why not make that self a good one, one with a successful career and a well-defined social life? Being in a relationship can often have an effect on your work/educational life. Being single will give you all the time and free space to work better for achieving your goals and staying strong and independent.

4. Lessons learned the hard way always stickmarrying a Vietnamese girl
Going through life’s perils alone isn’t such a bad thing. Every mistake you make will teach you a lesson. Choosing to reject Vietnamese dating option, learning that lesson the hard way – it will stick by you forever and you will in turn become a stronger version of yourself, emotionally and physically. Some battles in life have to be fought alone, changes you have to bring about yourself. Having to commit to another person by being in a relationship might not give you enough composure for yourself in order to fight those battles and adapt to those changes. Your partner might not approve of the ways you employ, or they might not understand that it is not about them but you. By taking the staying single road, you choose to give yourself the time you need to heal and learn your lessons. That in itself is a great accomplishment.

5. At least you did it your way
When it comes to having an open, wild and free approach to life, it’s better to remain single so that you would run things your way. In the end, at least you could say I did it my way.

Vietnamese women and Asians are waiting for you but you need to enjoy your independence and enjoy being single as well.