Russian mail order bride

I want to date hot Russian women, but I don’t speak Russian! What on earth am I going to do?

First of all, seriously, congratulations. All journeys begin with a single step, as the old cliché says, and you are taking the first step. There are far too many guys out there who pine away at home, surfing the web, looking at Russian mail order bride websites, wishing they had the guts to reach out and say a simple hello. In this day and age of a truly global communications network that is accessible by the vast majority of people, this just makes no sense to me. After all, there has never been an easier time in the history of the world for a guy from a country thousands of miles away to have a shot at talking with a Russian woman, and maybe even have a shot at turning one of them into a hot Russian bride!
Russian brideSo what are you waiting for? Well, if you’re anything like me, you realize there’s more than just physical distance between you surfing the net in your own country, and eventually marrying a Russian girl. How on earth does a regular guy like me, with maybe a little bit of Spanish from high school, but certainly no more Russian than maybe “nyet,” and “Vodka” possibly even imagine striking up a conversation with a potential Russian bride?

Well, take heart, intrepid searchers! I’m here to tell you are not alone. You are not the first western guy who has found himself fascinated with the super-model looks of all those tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed Slavic beauties, those Russian bikini brides you see advertised all over the web.

And I guarantee you are not the first guy who found himself smitten with this kind of girl who didn’t have a lick of Russian with which to attempt even the rudiments of a conversation.

So…what to do? Well, the first thing you need to know is that most sites that advertise Russian ladies for marriage offer free translation services.

Yes, you read that right, FREE STUFF on the web! And we’re not talking about something that is normally cheap, let me tell you. Look it up–translation services can cost you upwards of $50 an hour in the US, and that’s for common languages like Spanish or French. For something like Russian, a more exotic language from a country further away, it can cost you even more.

But generally speaking if you sign up for a Russian bride dating site, any messages you send and receive from the hot ladies on there will automatically be translated.

Here’s another uplifting piece of news: guess what language is the most common on Earth?

Yep, English.

So guess what all those girls who are pining away to meet men from western countries are doing in their spare time–that is, when they’re not scrolling through dating profiles of guys like you and me?

They are trying to learn ENGLISH! And what better conversation starter than to ask a girl on chat how much English she knows! Believe me, even if you weren’t exactly a genius in your grammar and composition class, you are going to be able to help these ladies out with their English.

And anyway, they’re not looking to learn the rules and regulations of the language. At this point they are wanting to know how Americans Russian ladies for marriageand Brits speak. They want to talk about popular shows and movies, what kind of music you listen to, what kind of slang words are fashionable.

My man, this is a veritable conversational smorgasbord, trust me.

Just understand two things when it comes time to hit up some hot Russian babe on a dating site:

1.reputable companies will translate yours and her words if necessary.’s really fun to share your language with a hot Russian girl who is learning English!

Use what you’ve got, take it light, and have a good time!