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Is dating Chinese girls painful experience?

If you’re interested in dating Chinese women, you’ve made the right choice. Dating a Chinese girl has lots of advantages compared to dating girls of other nationalities, like Japanese.

But many foreigners seeking pretty Chinese girls for marriage on online dating websites tend to think that Chinese women are easy to get. Moreover, some of them are led to think that just because Chinese girls are cute, you can easily boss them around.

Chinese girlsThat’s not true. The only truth here is that yes, in fact, it’s very easy to get into a romantic relationship with a Chinese women, but you’ll need lots patience and courage to maintain that relationship.

And that’s not an exaggeration and in no way does it mean that dating beautiful Chinese girls is a painful experience. No, if you’re loyal and loving to your Chinese girlfriend, she will always be your pal, bedside partner and loyal to you.

However, many foreigners note that Asian girls sometimes get too jealous and clingy. But if you’re not hiding anything from your Chinese girl, then you have nothing to worry about.

And the thing about online dating websites is that many Chinese girls who sign up there have been brought up on Western TV shows and films and they have no idea how to date a Chinese guy.

So obviously they feel the need to find a foreigner, because they understand how foreigners think in terms of romantic relationships better than Chinese men.

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And most American TV shows and films have plot lines in which men tend to cheat on their wives. So naturally Chinese girls who want to make sure you’re not one of those cheating types may get clingy and jealous at times.

But if you’re an honest and open-like-a-book guy and you’re looking for a Chinese women for marriage, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about because Chinese girls know the values of Chinese traditional marriage and so they remain loyal to you as long as you’re loyal to them.

And don’t be surprised if your Chinese girlfriend that you’ve found on some dating website starts talking about Chinese marriage just months (or even weeks) since you started dating.

Chinese women are always willing to make sacrifices to make your relationship work out even better, but that doesn’t mean you can boss them around and tell them what to do. A Chinese girl will decide what’s in the best interests for your relationship by herself.

In fact, if you’re an older men seeking young Chinese girls for marriage, you have even more chances of getting any sexy Chinese girl you want because they automatically think that since you’re older than her, then your intentions must be veeery serious.

There are lots of speculations on the topic of Japanese girl vs Chinese girl: who is a better choice for marriage. Well, let’s review just one thing and you’ll get the idea that dating a Chinese girl is a much better choice.

Chinese girls are always curious about the Western world and your Chinese girlfriend will always want to explore Western traditions and culture through you. Many Japanese women, on the other hand, are brought up thinking that marrying a foreigner is a disgrace.

So do you really want to spend your life with a Japanese girl who will express no interest whatsoever about Western culture, or do you want to be able to share your nation’s cultures and traditions with your Chinese girlfriend?

So if you’ve made the right choice, learn how to say ‘beautiful girl’ in Chinese – Měilì de nǚhái (美丽的女孩).