Marrying a Russian

Is she THE ONE?

So you are an American who’s into Russian girls? Haven’t yet found the woman of your dreams? Or still confused with the American vs. Russian women dilemma? Thinking of finally settling down but can’t find that ONE person who’s makes everything right for you? Marrying a Russian woman needs you to have your sleeves rolled up and be done with your homework first.

We’ve got some real stuff summed up for you that can help you to make a final go with your special person.

Marrying a RussianShe’s honest with you

Integrity means a lot to Russian women. If she confides in you and is honest about her shortcomings, then it means she respects you enough to be true to you, even when you feel, it’s not easy for her.

She works hard on the relationship

If your Russian babe looks after you when you aren’t well, trust me, you are one lucky dude. If she’s into giving more rather than taking, she’s a keeper. Your joy is her joy, too. Sometimes, it can be as simple as asking about how you spent your day at work. Most importantly, both of you focus on making each other happy.

She has humor

Either you go for sexy Russian girls or downright simple nerdy types; whether it’s the hardworking Russians or rich Russian women, humor is mandatory. Humor’s sexy. Being with someone who lacks a good sense of humor is pure torture. If she makes you laugh, she’s perfect. Just between us, Russian ladies appreciate a man who is easy going. So, jazz her up as well with your ‘fun’ side.

Your friends and family adore her

OK, this one is important. Your family approves of her. Your friends get charmed by her and want to be in her company. Plus she lets you have your guy time with your friends. No nagging all time. That’s pretty cool for a Russian girlfriend.

Russian women

She’s critical of your shit

Don’t confuse this one. Only somebody who cares for you and wants you to improve criticizes your bad points. It’s that simple. They don’t want to let you down, they only want to lift you up ‘more’. If she gets mad at your mess but later appreciates your creativity, then she’s genuine. And believe me, Russians are pretty good at getting mad. 😉

She’s has empathy

Even if you are dating the most beautiful woman in Russia, it’s important that you tie it up with someone who is a good empathizer. If you are having a down day and she’s there to support you, it makes a lot of difference. When she has your back, the world is a much better place.

You guys resolve your issues

Every couple has goes through issues and fights. People who think they will never fight live in some kind of a chimera. The important thing is, you fix your fights and walk through your issues together. If she tends to do that, man you aren’t backing off. NO!

Everything is better when she’s with you

Beauty is appealing. No arguments on this. You do get to see lots of beautiful Russian women on online dating sites like Russian friend finder but dude, it’s better to aim at the one who makes your world better when she’s around. It’s like she’s filling that empty hole in your life. You begin to dress up good, go to gym, become organized and most of all, start becoming a better version of you. She inspires you to be a good person.

You find these traits in your lady, just hold on to her.