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Marriage is More Beneficial for Men than Women

A recent study sparked public interest when it revealed that married men benefit more from marriage than their female counterparts. Contrary to popular belief that getting married means lack of freedom and loss of sexual opportunities to men, it has been found out that men should consider marriage if they want to pursue happiness. This means that you should consider proposing marriage to a single Philippines girl sooner rather than later, that’s if you want to enjoy those benefits.

Besides obtaining happiness, there are other ways in which marriage is more beneficial to men than women. They include:single Philippines girl

  1. Marriage increases the earning power of men

Studies reveal that marriage has a transformative effect on a man’s finances. After getting married to beautiful Asian girls, most men typically work harder, smarter, more productively and are less likely to be fired. Generally, marriage tends to boost the earning power of men. On the other hand, most Philippine women tend to give up their careers once they get married in order to focus on taking care of the family. In this regard, marriage increases the earning power of men, which is an indication that marriage is more beneficial for men than women.

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  1. Marriage guarantees sex

For you to successfully date a Philippines girl, you will need to invest a good amount of your time and hard earned money to convince her to go to the next level. The good thing about being married is that men are able to get sexual pleasure without much struggle. One thing that beautiful women of the Philippines are aware of is that their men have conjugal rights. Since men generally need sex more than women, marriage seems to be more beneficial to them.

  1. Marriage makes the man the head of the house

Before marriage, the man does all the wooing and the begging to get the hot Asian girl he loves to do what he wants. Once married, the man acquires a new status as ‘head of the house’ and his word is as good as final. This means that things get done without much persuasion. He gets his meals prepared, laundry done and house chores taken care of. If you have been dating a beautiful Philippines girl, you can expect her to be submissive once she becomes your wife.

  1. Marriage boosts men health

One of the things that men find it hard to do is to seek medical help when having health issues. The good thing about being married is that wives push (others call it nagging) their husbands to seeking medical help. Research suggests that married men live almost 10 years longer than unmarried men. The reason for this is because of the support, encouragement and companionship they derive from their wives. The emotional and social support from wives also translates to improved mental health. Married men are less likely to suffer from depression compared to bachelors.

  1. Married men have better opportunities

In most cases, married men are more likely to secure better opportunities. This is because they are viewed to be more responsible. While most employers will be hesitant to delegate more tasks to married women, it’s easier for them to award more involving and highly rewarding job opportunities to married men.

You have now established that marriage offers significant returns to men when it comes to health, sex and money. Studies have proven time and again that marriage makes men healthier and happier over the course of their married lives. Research also revealed that the elderly men who were in good marriages testified to having better moods, less depression and more satisfaction with their lives. So, if you would like to lead such a happy and fulfilling life, it’s best that you search among the beautiful Philippine women seeking American men and you might as well be on your way to a happy future.