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Mars – Mars in the Moonlight

You could scour the top 10 Chinese dating sites for days or even for weeks and not come across a girl as perfect as Mars. Look at those come-hither eyes, that long, luscious red-tinted hair, that easy smile–she is a classic “China girl” in so many ways.

She’s 5’6 and a trim 97 pounds, works as a clerk and has her bachelor’s degree. And although she comes from a successful family, Mars insists on supporting herself.

But here’s another great thing about Mars, for the right kind of guy who is thinking about Chinese women for dating: she’s also fairly westernized. Her grandfather is Canadian, and so she has grown up with a culturally open-minded and perhaps a more independent environment than you will usually find when you’re looking to meet Chinese singles.

That’s not to say you wouldn’t be dating a traditional Chinese woman though! In China, a woman dating a man–especially an American man–often has marriage on her mind. Mars is no different in that regard.

China woman datingShe tells us: “I am also a typical Chinese girl, I want marriage very much. I admire my parents, they love each other so much, I want to find my own life company.”

But that is what makes Mars so intriguing as a candidate for men interested in Asian dating: along with those traditional Chinese values, her independent streak runs deep. She seems like a strong-willed, adventurous girl with a passionate and romantic side as well.

A somewhat Westernized, intelligent woman with a strong sense of independence and a background in business–her father runs a business in Shanghai, but Mars assures us she makes her own way in the world. But one who also has strong traditional values and is looking for a man to share her life with.

What more could you ask for?