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Signs and Signals: How To Know If a Chinese Lady Likes You

Accurately gauging if someone likes you can be difficult, even more so when it comes to a Chinese lady. While the younger generations are becoming more expressive, especially when it comes to dating, the traditional image of Chinese women is more reserved and timid. This makes it difficult to accurately gauge their true feelings, especially when it comes to the romantic side of things.

Nevertheless, there are ways to know if a Chinese girl likes you. Like any other nationality, they have their ways of showing their interest albeit perhaps in a more subtle way.

Check out the different signs and signals that can tell you whether or not they like you.

  1. Chinese ladyEngaging in eye contact.

One sign that she’s into you is engaging in increased eye contact with you. In East Asian countries like China and Japan, direct eye contact can be a sign of disrespect and a form of intimidation. For women, it can be construed as a sign of sexual interest which is why it’s common for Asian women such as the Chinese to avert their eyes and avoid eye contact.

Another possible reason for this is the neurochemical oxytocin which boosts the feeling of well-being and social bonding, which can help increase the attraction felt. This chemical also increases dilation of the pupils which is can be a sign of interest.

Therefore, if she engages in eye contact with you, it might be a sign she’s interested in you.

  1. Finding excuses to touch you.

This can be in the form of light physical touches such as tapping you on the shoulder or simply finding reasons to be in constant physical contact with you. Constant physical contact can be a sign that she’s harboring romantic feelings for you as casual touching can be considered as offensive and invasive in Asian countries, even between married men and their Chinese brides.

While young Chinese girls are gradually shedding this concept and becoming more open to the idea of being expressive through physical gestures like hugs, it’s still not as widespread as in Western countries.

Therefore, if your Chinese lady friend seems to be in constant physical contact with you, it might be a sign she’s interested in you.

  1. Initiates conversations with you first.

In most Asian countries, guys are seen as the one that needs to pursue the girl and any woman that is seen to make the first move is frowned upon. While mature Chinese ladies may still hold this belief, younger generations are starting to experience shifts when it comes to the dating scene.

Aside from texting or calling you first, another indication that she may be interested is that she does so multiple times in a day.

This is because, in China, especially for single Chinese women in the dating scene, it’s normal to do so even at the beginning stages of a relationship, unlike in Western countries where it’s more common to play it cool in the beginning.

  1. Makes an effort to look prettier when you’re around.

Another indication she’s interested is when she seems to put more effort into her appearance, especially when you’re around. After all, it’s only natural that you want to put on your best appearance in front of the person you like.

Although many pictures of Chinese women show many of them invest some effort into their appearance, your Chinese friend will be putting on extra effort to appear her best and catch your attention.
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  1. Strives to know more about you.

Another potential indicator that she likes you is when she strives to get to know you better. The more she gets to know you, the more accurate the picture she has of you in her head.

Moreover, the more intimately she gets to know you, the more the attachment builds. Because of this, the more invested she becomes in getting to know you and so on and so forth.

After all, who among us didn’t have that urge to know every intimate detail about the ones we like?

  1. Tries to keep the conversation going.

Because she will try to get to know you better, don’t be surprised if she tries to constantly keep the conversation going. This is because talking to you will not only help her gain the information she needs to get to know you better but also because this keeps her in constant contact with you.

When talking to your Chinese lady friend, try to exit the conversation a bit. The manner in which she responds can be a way to tell if she likes you or not.

Final Thoughts

Despite the changing times, the cultural differences between you and the girl you met on a Chinese dating website can make it difficult to tell if she likes you or not. After all, there can be a huge gap between their dating customs and yours.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that there’s no way to tell. Body language can be a helpful indicator of her true feelings so paying attention to her non-verbal cues and overall body language when she’s around you can help you have some idea of how she truly feels about you.

While the aforementioned signs are by no means a definitive list, it can be a useful guide when trying to gauge whether or not she harbors any romantic feelings for you and learning how to date a Chinese girl.asian girls