Signs That You Are Getting Lazy in a Relationship (And Why it Happens) with Philipino women

Have you noticed yourself being lazy in a relationship lately with Philipino women? Are you wondering, “does it mean that I don’t love my partner anymore?” or “is this the true me, a lazy and boring creature?”

It’s true for both American and Philippines dating: men and women naturally tend to get lazy in a committed relationship.

Although reasons why people get lazy in relationships may vary from one person to another, it’s usually not be a major issue when either a Philippines beautiful girl or her boyfriend gets a little too comfortable and lazy.

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But if the laziness of either of the partners is affecting your love life and you’re starting to question why you’re even together, then it’s probably time to address the issue.

Before we get to the signs that you are getting lazy in a relationship, let’s delve into why this happens in the first place.

Reasons why people get lazy in relationships

You get too comfortable. Whether you’re dating hot Philippines girls or stunning Russian ladies, you’ll do whatever it takes to impress the girl and make her your own.

That means there’s no room for laziness.

Those first few months or even years are full of new experiences and amazing moments. You’re totally enjoying your relationship, until either of you realizes that you don’t really need to impress one another that much.

And laziness takes the best of you.

You get busy. Once you’ve settled with a hot Philippines women you found on a Philippine date site, it’s only natural to focus on your career.

People make this mistake over and over again. They think that once they’ve got their personal life sorted out, they can simply switch to work and neglect their partner (he/she won’t go anywhere, right?).

Well, he/she might, if your laziness to put an effort into the relationship becomes too annoying and unbearable.

You’ve run out of topics or activities. Whether you’re dating the hottest philipino women or beautiful Thai girls, you may run out of topics or activities that you do together after a while.

After all, if you’re seeing each other every day, you’ve probably discussed pretty much everything (even your neighbor’s diet habits!) and most likely have done everything couples usually do (cinema, dates, vacations…).

Everything doesn’t seem as exciting anymore, and talking has become pointless. So you end up not doing anything together and not even talking much.

It doesn’t bring you the same joy. If you’ve been dating for a while, it’s natural to lose the joy and drive that you used to have when you just started out. Think about it: you want to spend 24/7 with those Philipine singles when you meet them on a Philipino dating site.

But after a while, things just don’t bring you the same joy and passion.

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If it doesn’t bring you any joy and passion, however, you may want to ask yourself if you’re really dating the right person for you.

You give up. If things don’t work out in a relationship, people opt to play the lazy card because they simply can’t find ways to connect to their partner and channel the affection that they used to have. Unless the issue is addressed, your relationship may keep falling into an abyss and will most likely eventually lead to a breakup.

Signs that you got lazy in a relationship

  • You stop complimenting your partner and doing any romantic gestures.
  • You don’t look for new ways to impress or surprise your partner (a surprise birthday party, anyone?).
  • You stop flirting with your partner (even hot Philippinegirls who have been in relationships for years need flirting in order to feel desired and keep this thing going).
  • You stop asking for your partner’s opinion.
  • You make decisions on your own and may even become selfish in the relationship.
  • You exclude your partner from certain activities (just because you forgot about him/her).
  • Your partner becomes more like sister or brother to you, not a lover.
  • You aren’t motivated to try new things in sex (or have sex at all).
  • You struggle to find time for your partner.
  • You refuse to do the things your partner asks you to do (meeting their parents or going out with their friends, going shopping with your partner).
  • You don’t feel like going on dates together.
  • You give preference to social media, video games, TV shows, etc., not never your partner.
  • You refuse to compromise on anything (and end up having disagreements).

Getting lazy in a relationship may be the beginning of the end of your romance.

While your partner may not necessarily dump you just for being lazy, he/she may start losing feelings for you because you don’t make much time for them and pay little to no attention to them. And this may bring the demise of your relationship.

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